Our gift to you, the complete list of social media holidays For veterinary hospitals!

The internet is its own world, and that world has many more holidays than just the days we celebrate on a federal level. We thought it would be fun to put everything in one place so that you can bookmark this page and use it as much as possible! Marketing your veterinary hospitals can be tough sometimes, but making sure that your brand is “part of the conversation” means you’re already ahead of the competition.


National Train Your Dog Month
Walk Your Pet Month

1. New Year’s Day
2. National Pet Travel Safety Day
2. Science Fiction Day
4. National Trivia Day
5. National Bird Day
11. Human Trafficking Awareness Day
13. National Sticker Day
13. Clean Off Your Desk Day
15. National Hat Day
16. Get to Know Your Customers Day (third Thursday of every quarter)
20. Cheese Lovers Day
20. National Penguin Awareness Day
20. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
21. National Hugging Day
21. National Squirrel Appreciation Day
23. National Pie Day
24. National Compliment Day
25. Opposite Day #OppositeDay
27. Community Manager Appreciation Day
28. Data Privacy Day


Pet Dental Health Month
Dog Training Education Month
National Cat Health Month
Responsible Pet Owners Month
Unchain a Dog Month
National Prevent a Litter Month
Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
American Heart Month

7-14: Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

2: Groundhog Day
4: World Cancer Day
9: National Pizza Day
14: Pet Theft Awareness Day
14: Valentine’s Day
17: Random Acts of Kindness Day
18: World Whale Day
20: National Love Your Pet Day
22: Walk Your Dog Day
22: National Wildlife Day
23: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
25: Spay Day USA/World Spay Day
27: National Polar Bear Day


Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

1-7: Professional Pet Sitters Week (first full week in March)
15-21: National Poison Prevention Week

1: National Pig Day
1: National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
3: If Pets Had Thumbs Day; International Ear Care Day
5: Pancake Day
6: National Employee Appreciation Day
8: International Women’s Day
13: K9 Veterans Day
13: World Sleep Day
14: National Save a Spider Day
14: Pi Day
15: World Sleep Day
17: St. Patrick’s Day
18: Awkward Moments Day
19: National Let’s Laugh Day
19: Spring Equinox
20: International Day of Happiness
20: World Storytelling Day
22: World Water Day
23: National Puppy Day
26: Purple Day
28: Respect Your Cat Day
28: Earth Hour Day
30: Take a Walk in the Park Day
30: Doctor’s Day
30: National Take a Walk in the Park Day


National Heartworm Awareness Month
National Greyhound Adoption Month
National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month

1- 7: International Pooper Scooper Week
Second Week of April: National Animal Control Appreciation Week
Third Week of April: National Pet ID Week, Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week

1: April Fools’ Day
2: National Ferret Day
3: National Walking Day
3: Find a Rainbow Day
6: National Siamese Cat Day
6: Every Day Is Tag Day
7: World Health Day
7: National No Housework Day
11: National Pet Day
11: Dog Therapy Appreciation Day
12: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
14: National Dolphin Day
15: National Tax Day
16: National Stress Awareness Day
16: National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
17: Haiku Poetry Day
18: National High-Five Day
20: National Look-Alike Day
21: Easter Sunday
21: Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
22: Earth Day
23: National Lost Dog Awareness Day
23: National Picnic Day
23: World Book Day
24: National Administrative Professionals Day
24: International Guide Dogs Day
25: World Penguin Day
National Hairball Awareness Day (Last Friday in April)
25: National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
26: National Kids & Pets Day
26: Arbor Day
World Veterinary Day (Last Saturday in April)
28: National Pet Parents Day
30: National Honesty Day
30: National Tabby Day
30: National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day


Chip Your Pets Month
National Pet Month
Lyme Disease Prevention Month
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
National Service Dog Eye Examination Month

National Pet Week; Be Kind to Animals Week (First full week of May starting with a Sunday)
Be Kind to Animals Week® (First full week of May starting with a Sunday)
6-10: Puppy Mill Action Week

1: National Purebred Dog Day
1: May Day
1: International Workers Day
3: National Specially-abled Pets Day
4: Star Wars Day
5: Mayday for Mutts
5: Cinco de Mayo
6: National Nurses Day
8: National Receptionist Day
11: National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
12: Mother’s Day
14: International Chihuahua Appreciation Day
17: Endangered Species Day
18: Armed Forces Day
20: Victoria Day
23: World Turtle Day
27: Memorial Day
31: World No-Tobacco Day
31: Heat Awareness Day


Adopt-a-Cat Month
National Zoo and Aquarium Month​
National Pet Preparedness Month
National Microchipping Month
National Dairy Month
Social Petworking Month

Pet Appreciation Week (First full week in June)

1: National Pet Grooming Day
1: Global Day of Parents
3: Leave The Office Early Day
4: Hug Your Cat Day
5: National Running Day
5: World Environment Day
7: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
7: National Donut Day
8: National Best Friends Day
8: World Oceans Day
World Pet Memorial Day (Second Sunday in June)
14: World Blood Donor Day
16: Father’s Day
19: National Garfield the Cat Day
21: Take Your Dog to Work Day
21: National Selfie Day
21: National Dog Party Day
21: Ugliest Dog Day
21: First Day of Summer
27: National Sunglasses Day
27: National Handshake Day
30: Social Media Day


National Dog House Repair Month
National Lost Pet Prevention Month
Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month​

14-20: Everybody Deserves a Massage Week
21-28: National Zookeeper Week

1: Canada Day
4: Independence Day
11: All-American Pet Photo Day
12: Cow Appreciation Day
14: Shark Awareness Day
15: National Pet Fire Safety Day
15: I Love Horses Day
15: Give Something Away Day
16: World Snake Day
17: World Emoji Day
21: National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day
21: No Pet Store Puppies Day
21: National Ice Cream Day
25: National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
28: Parents’ Day
30: International Day of Friendship
30: National Cheesecake Day
31: National Mutt Day


National Immunization Awareness Month
National Back-to-School Month

International Assistance Dog Week (First full week of August starting with a Sunday)

1: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs
2: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
8: World Cat Day
10: National Spoil Your Dog Day
10: National Lazy Day
12: World Elephant Day
15: National Check the Chip Day
15: National Relaxation Day
16: National Tell a Joke Day
17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day
17: International Homeless Animals Day
19: World Photo Day
22: National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
26: National Dog Day
26: National Women’s Equality Day
30: National Holistic Pet Day


National Disaster Preparedness Month
Happy Healthy Cat Month
National Guide Dogs Month
National Pet Health Insurance Month
Animal Pain Awareness Month
National Food Safety Education Month
National Service Dog Month
Pet Sitter Education Month
Responsible Dog Ownership Month

16-22: Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week
Third week of September: National Farm Animals Awareness Week
Last week of September: National Dog Week; National Deaf Pet Awareness Week

1: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
2: Labor Day
4: National Wildlife Day
5: International Day of Charity
8: Grandparents’ Day
8: National Pet Memorial Day
8: National Hug Your Hound Day
11: National Day of Service and Remembrance
12: National Day of Encouragement
13: Stand Up To Cancer Day
15: Responsible Dog Ownership Day
19: Talk Like a Pirate Day
21: Puppy Mill Awareness Day
22: National Elephant Appreciation Day
23: First Day of Fall
27: World Tourism Day
28: World Rabies Day
28: International Rabbit Day
28: National Good Neighbor Day


National Pit Bull Awareness Month
National Adopt-a-Dog Month
National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month
National Animal Safety and Protection Month

Animal Welfare Week (First Week of October)
1-7: National Walk Your Dog Week
13-19: National Veterinary Technician Week

1: International Coffee Day
1: National Black Dog Day
1: National Fire Pup Day
1: World Vegetarian Day
2: International Day of Nonviolence
4: World Animal Day
4: National Taco Day
4: World Smile Day
5: National Do Something Nice Day; World Smile Day
7: World Habitat Day
9: National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
10: World Mental Health Day
10: World Sight Day
11: International Day of the Girl
13: National Train Your Brain Day
14: Canadian Thanksgiving
15: National Grouch Day
15: Global Handwashing Day
16: Global Cat Day
16: World Food Day
16: Bosses Day
20: World Statistics Day
21: Reptile Awareness Day
27: National Pit Bull Awareness Day
28: National Chocolate Day
29: National Cat Day
31: Halloween


National Pet Cancer Awareness Month
National Senior Pet Month
Adopt a Senior Pet Month
National Pet Diabetes Month

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (First full week of November starting with a Sunday)

1: National Cook for Your Pets Day
3: National Sandwich Day
4: National Candy Day
7: National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day
11: Remembrance Day
11: Veterans Day
13: World Kindness Day
14: World Diabetes Day
15: America Recycles Day
17: National Take a Hike Day
17: International Students Day
19: National Entrepreneurs Day
21: World Hello Day
26: National Cake Day
U.S. Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November)
29: National Day of Listening
29: Electronic Greeting Card
30: Computer Security Day
30: Small Business Saturday


National Cat Lover’s Month

2: National Mutt Day
4: National Cookie Day
4: World Wildlife Conservation Day
5: International Volunteer Day
8: Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
13: National Cocoa Day
13: National Day of the Horse
25: Christmas Day
26: Boxing Day (Canada)
31: New Year’s Eve

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