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Grassroots Marketing Ideas For Your Veterinary Hospital

What does grassroots marketing even mean? Instead of putting a marketing campaign in place that will reach the most substantial amount of people possible, grassroots marketing relies on specialized targeting to reach a highly niched group of individuals that are...

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Your Latest Blog or Social Media Post Could Cost You

We have now had two clients find out what happens when you use photos that aren't yours in the digital space and we think it provides a great teachable moment for all of us. This post is not to mock them, which is why we would never name them - but to educate you...

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Facebook vs Instagram For Your Social Media Photo Contest

So you want to do a photo contest to create some buzz on your social media pages but cannot decide which platform to use? Today, we'll help you make the decision on the battle of Facebook vs Instagram. First, let's talk about Facebook. Facebook is your best social...

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