When is Vet Tech Week 2022? October 16-22, 2022

To commemorate, acknowledge, and promote the essential contributions Credentialed Veterinary Technicians make to the veterinary industry and society, the week of October 16-22, 2022, has been designated National Veterinary Technician Week (NVTW). Veterinary technicians are essential members of the veterinary medical team. They are on the front lines with clients’ beloved pets who need care and communicate closely with clients to ensure a smooth interaction with your business.

If you want to celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week this year, we have some ideas to show the Vet Tech and other veterinary team members in your life how much they mean to you and simple ways to recognize veterinary technicians’ contributions.

Make sure your veterinary technicians know how important they are to your business.

Veterinary technicians are vital in the veterinary clinic, as they serve as the front line to guarantee that everything runs smoothly every day. Make sure they hear how essential they are. There are a few steps to ensure that your employees know they are valued.

  1. Make time for them during the workday. As things get crazy, be sure to make yourself available to them. Investing in your team means getting to know them personally and professionally.
  2. Celebrate victories with the entire group. If someone accomplishes something remarkable, let everyone know about it.
  3. Make it clear that a break or some fresh air is encouraged at work.
  4. Don’t forget to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, and other events that your veterinary technician has shared with your practice.
  5. Listen and be open to change if it’s necessary to improve someone’s work-life balance.

Thank your favorite veterinary technician with a gift for National Veterinary Technician Week!

Why is this important? In one employee happiness survey, 45% of respondents even said they believe appreciation gifts reflect their value at a company. This shows you that gift-giving is more than just a token of appreciation. It can help further motivate employees to succeed at work!

Make sure you consider the personality and interests of your technician when choosing a National Vet Tech Week gift so they’ll love it even after receiving many other gifts throughout the year. For example, if your veterinary technician has dietary restrictions or enjoys specific items, be sure to include those details in your National Veterinary Technician Week gift.

Don’t forget to include a heartfelt note with the National Veterinary Technician Week gifts as well! A little extra personalization can go a long way and be appreciated by any veterinary technician you give it to.

Gift ideas you may want to check out:

  1. Give your veterinary technicians a year of Disney+ or Netflix to relax and unwind while at home
  2. Send a Sugarwish package full of their favorite sweets.
  3. Who wouldn’t love a Starbucks gift card?
  4. If your Vet Tech has a green thumb, a unique plant from Bloomscape will add some life to their home or workspace.
  5. Ask them what their favorite place to eat is, and get a gift card to ensure they can enjoy it soon.

The best way to honor your fantastic vet technicians during National Veterinary Technician Week is to give them a break.

Veterinary medicine has been so chaotic through the COVID pandemic, and giving your techs some additional time off, or extra breaks may be the greatest gift of all.

One of the most effective methods to show appreciation for a job well done is to allow individuals time to pause—first pausing to congratulate themselves on their accomplishments and then pausing again to revitalize their enthusiasm, motivation, and passion. Employees will value this because it demonstrates that you care about them and allows them to be at their best when fully charged.

Veterinary technicians are an integral part of any veterinary practice. They routinely work long hours and often do so under high stress, yet they still maintain their composure and professionalism at all times. As a business owner or manager, it’s important to take the time to show appreciation for these hard-working individuals during National Veterinary Technician Week and every other day throughout the year. How will you be celebrating your veterinary technicians this year?

If you’re looking for more tips for better team building in veterinary medicine, listen to our podcast episode with Michael Shirley from Family Pet Health!

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