The best SEO for veterinary hospitals.

WhiskerCloud has a 50-point website checklist to ensure your website lives at the top of Google’s search engine rankings. We combine technical SEO and local SEO to ensure you rank high and grow your business.

Veterinary SEO

Why should your veterinary hospital care about SEO?

Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? That’s right! Someone pulls out their phone or fires up their computer, heads to Google, and types in exactly what they’re looking for. If they’re looking for a veterinarian in their area, do you come up? If the answer is no, you’re missing out on a ton of potential business by ignoring local SEO practices. It’s true – 75% of users don’t even scroll past the first page of their Google search results. This means you better make sure the company that handles your website makes SEO a priority for you. WhiskerCloud indexes your website with major search engines to help you target pet owners looking for your business.

What makes WhiskerCloud’s SEO team so unique?

We have a 50-point website checklist that ensures we don’t miss a single thing regarding your online search rankings. It starts with how we build the website and all of the things we do after it is launched. We focus on the smallest details so you can focus on all new patients who will be finding their way to your clinic.

Best veterinary SEO

SEO for veterinary hospitals is not magic — it’s attention to detail.

Veterinary marketing companies promise the moon but usually don’t focus on the details that help you grow. We live and breathe veterinary marketing, knowing that SEO is a big part of that. Our content team is continually putting out new and essential information for your veterinary hospital to ensure that you’re also doing your part regarding ranking high on Google! Did you know that your online listings and reviews are integral to your search engine rankings? We’ll ensure you have all the knowledge you need to grow your business.

What goes into WhiskerCloud’s SEO formula? A lot.

It’s not just about what we build for you — it’s how we build it. Below are some of the top things we do to ensure you have a strong online presence. Forty-four percent of website referral traffic goes through Google, and we want to make sure that your online listing shows up and has all of the information and links necessary to encourage clicks and conversions for your business.

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We Get to Know You

No tricks or gimmicks here. Our client success team gets to know you, your services, your community, and how you want to appear online in your community.

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We Build It Custom

There are no templates or skins at WhiskerCloud. We design based on your services and community, and when people are searching for you, you’ll be there!

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We Do the Writing

Creating content is not easy, and we know you don’t have time to do it! Tell us what services you offer, and we’ll write compelling content.

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The Cloud Difference

Having a website that loads quickly and is secure means you’re already winning at SEO. Most websites don’t offer these things, but it comes stock at WhiskerCloud.

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Mobile Responsiveness

Our websites are designed to look and function perfectly on all devices. Whether someone is using a computer, phone, or tablet, your site will work perfectly.

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Meta Data

Our team makes sure all pages, images, and links have the proper tags and descriptions that Google looks for when ranking your website against competitors.

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Online Listings

We’ll make sure your online listings are optimized, too! These powerful backlinks help your Google SEO rankings and ensure that you’re getting additional traffic.

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Review Management

Your online reviews play a massive role in your SEO rankings; we manage them for you, promptly respond to positive reviews, and alert you to and help you craft responses to negative reviews.

Want to learn more about WhiskerCloud?

All of our plans come with a custom-built website, cloud hosting, world-class security, built-in SEO, analytics reports, and our web management team to handle everything for you.

SEO and SEM – what’s the difference?

We focus on organic and paid search traffic.

First off, let’s talk about the difference. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s rankings in Google’s local and organic search results. These rankings are free and based on the work WhiskerCloud does for your clinic. This is important because an increase in rankings typically result in more clicks to a website. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of creating ads (PPC) based on keywords and a budget. WhiskerCloud’s Google AdWords campaigns are strategic, cost-effective, and tailored to reach the clients searching for the services that you offer.

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