Need some veterinary social media inspiration for September? We’ve got your veterinary clinic covered with a guide to add to your marketing plan. This month is jam-packed with fun social media marketing holidays and activities that you can easily tie back to your business. Kick-off the start of the fall with engaging social media content, promotional events, and blog posts that are informational and enjoyable. To give you a head start, we’ve put together a list of 20 content ideas to help with your clinic’s marketing strategy this month that should delight and draw engagement from pet owners.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for September

1. Happy Cat Month

This month is all about the cats! Share tips for keeping your followers’ feline friends happy and healthy. This includes scheduling an appointment at your veterinary clinic. This month you can create promotions on cat care, including nail trims, spays, and neuters.

Team up with local pet service providers, like cat groomers or cat-friendly boarding services, to put together an all-in-one package that includes services from each business involved. Cross-promoting your hospital through local businesses with similar audiences is a great way to attract new clientele.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August

2. National Service Dog Month

If you have any service dog clients, ask their pet parents if you can feature them on your social media pages. Not only is this a good piece of information for your followers, but it also showcases your practice’s connection with the pets you serve. Create content that educates your audience on the process of training a service dog and the proper etiquette that should be used when around a working animal.

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3. National Food Safety Education Month

Share information about common food toxins, proper ways to feed your pet, and the benefits of consulting with a veterinarian about dietary health. National Food Safety Education Month presents a great opportunity for a veterinarian or staff member to speak on camera about the importance of pet food safety. Make it an interactive experience by hosting a live video on your veterinary clinic’s Instagram or Facebook and answer your followers’ questions in real-time!

4. National Guide Dogs Month

Just like with service dogs, guide dogs go through special training to become qualified assistants to the visually impaired. Share facts about the training process for guide dogs and provide information about how an individual can sponsor or acquire a guide dog.

5. National Pet Insurance Month

Create content that highlights the importance of pet insurance and give your clinic’s recommendations. Highlighting the amount of money pet parents can save, and the peace of mind that pet insurance provides can encourage your followers to get coverage for their furry friends and prevent hard decisions from being made during tough times. If you have particular pet insurance you prefer to work with, have our design team create a page on your custom website to showcase your payment options.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August

6. Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Create a weekly series of posts that shares ways to become a more responsible pet owner. Focus your content on spay and neutering, pet training, and safety-proofing a home to be suitable for dogs.

7. Pet Sitter Education Month

Put together a pet sitter video series where your clinic shares educational content for pet sitters. Topics can include how to care for multiple dogs at once, how to introduce yourself to a new animal, how to deal with separation anxiety in a pet, and how to approach an aggressive animal. This series can also live on your website as a long-term tool to provide inquiring clients.

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8. Animal Pain Awareness Month

No one wants to see their furry friend in pain. Center your social media content around topics like signs of pain in animals and proper pain treatments. Be sure to showcase pain management services your veterinary practice provides, particularly if they are unique to your area, such as acupuncture or laser therapy.

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9. National Disaster Preparedness Month

It’s always important to be prepared! Share tips for getting pets prepared in the event of a disaster. Create social media content around topics like what to include in a pet emergency kit, how to get your pet out of the house safely and quickly in the event of a disaster, and important pet documents to protect.

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10. National Farm Animals Awareness Week – September 17–23

This is a great week to highlight any services you provide for farm animals, including ruminant, equine, bovine. If your animal hospital does not provide services for these types of animals, team up with a local veterinarian who does and give them a shout-out on your social media feed.

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11. National Deaf Dog Awareness Week – September 24–30

This week educate your followers about the services available to dogs with hearing impairments. Create social media content that educates on how to care for a deaf dog and safety concerns around hearing impairment. Additionally, If your clinic provides any hearing-related specialties, be sure that these services are reflected on your website.

12. National Dog Week – September 20–27

Everyone loves dogs! Use national dog week as a way to advocate the importance of veterinary care for dogs and showcase specific services your veterinary practice provides for canines, including boarding, grooming, and dog training.

13. Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week – September 18–24

Older pets, pets with special needs, and certain breeds tend to be less adoptable than others. This week use your social media platforms to advocate for so-called undesirable animals and dispel myths that may be associated with adopting any of these pets.

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14. Ginger Cat Appreciation Day – September 1st

Orange cats are known for having very distinct personalities. Encourage your clients and staff to submit pictures of their orange cats (bonus points for video content)! Share this user-generated content, with their permission, of course, on your own social media feed. Continue the celebration in your clinic by offering a special gift to all ginger cats that come in for a visit around this day.

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15. National Wildlife Day – September 4th

Although you may only provide care for domesticated animals at your clinic, everyone should be interested in preserving our wildlife and helping endangered species avoid extinction. On your clinic’s social media feed, share ways pet owners and your staff work to protect our wildlife.

16. International Day of Charity – September 5th

Encourage your clients to get involved. Host a drive dedicated to raising funds or supplies for animals in need. We’ve mentioned before the benefits of teaming up with your local animal shelter, and this day is no exception.

Continue to build upon your existing relationship with your local shelter or use this day to start a new one. Promoting a shelter can not only help get pets adopted but also display your veterinary practices’ community involvement to potential clients.

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17. National Pet Memorial Day – September 10th

Many of our clients have a built-in memorial gallery on their website. Here, pet parents can submit photos and eulogies dedicated to their pets. This is a great addition to your website as it allows your clients to have a place to visit when they wish to remember their pet. Create social media content that encourages your followers to add their memorial to your site.

18. National Hug Your Hound Day – September 10th

National Hug Your Hound Day is a great day to ask your followers to submit photos of themselves hugging their pup that you can share on your feed. Additionally, share ways to make a dog’s life more comfortable overall. Share suggestions for creating a safe and comforting home environment and provide tips for easing anxious dogs.

19. National Day of Encouragement – September 12th

Hang in there! National Day of Encouragement is a holiday where you can have fun on your social media feed. Create a video where your staff is encouraging patients to get healthier or encouraging each other to provide the best care possible!

No Pet Store Puppies Day

20. Responsible Dog Ownership Day – September 16th

Share tips about being a responsible dog owner, including the importance of regular walking schedules, proper nutrition, and, of course, veterinary visits. Ask your clients and followers to nominate a person they believe is a responsible dog owner. Then select one of these nominations (or let your followers choose) and feature them on your social media networks. Amp up the engagement by offering a prize to the chosen dog owner.

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We’ve given you the ideas; now, the next step is creating your content and scheduling it out! Or make your life even easier and let our team take care of your content creation for you. Our content plan customers receive custom graphics and scheduling tailored to their audience and increase traffic to their site!

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