Need some veterinary social media inspiration for February? We’ve got your veterinary clinic covered with a guide to add to your marketing plan. This month is jam-packed with fun social media marketing holidays and activities that you can easily tie back to your business, not to mention it’s Pet Dental Health Month. Make your clinic stand out this month with engaging social media content, promotional events, and blog posts that are informational and enjoyable. To give you a head start, we’ve put together a list of 15 content ideas to help with your clinic’s marketing strategy this month that should delight and draw engagement from pet owners.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for February

1. Pet Dental Health Month

The major focus in February is on pet dental health! Many pet parents may overlook this critical area of their pet’s well-being, so it’s the perfect time to emphasize its importance, describe what happens during a dental exam, and even offer specials. For more ideas, be sure to check out our complete veterinary marketing guide for Dental Health Month to take advantage of this time to attract more clients and max out your appointment bookings.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August
Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August
2. Dog Training Education Month

Weigh in with your expertise by sharing helpful dog training tips throughout the month! This could include ways of using positive reinforcement, new tricks to teach your dog, and more. If your clinic offers any training classes, now’s a great time to feature them, using photos and stories about your furry students.

3. National Cat Health Month

With cats being wired to hide signs of illness, it can be easy for feline owners to be unaware of the potential health issues cats can have. Set aside this month to share vital information about all things cat health, from their physical to mental well-being. Highlight preventive care services you offer, as well as any special cat-centric features about your clinic, such as being Cat Friendly certified.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August

4. Responsible Pet Owners Month

With pet ownership comes great responsibility—more than some pet parents (or prospective ones) realize. For example, the ASPCA released the results of a recent study that showed that only 46% of pet owners have a disaster preparedness plan. With this in mind, educate your followers on what they should do to ensure their pet’s safety and well-being. You can help mitigate a lot of stress for your clients through simply sharing critical knowledge.

5. Groundhog Day

Whatever Punxsutawney Phil predicts for the changing of the season, you can engage your followers with posts about looking forward to the springtime. Try asking what activities they’re looking forward to with their pet as the winter chill passes and the days get longer again.

6. National Golden Retriever Day

Celebrate these beloved dogs by posting fun facts about the breed and, of course, cute photos! Have your followers share photos of their goldens, and be sure to engage with comments to build rapport and generate more activity on your post.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August
7. World Cancer Day

According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 6 million new cancer diagnoses are made in dogs each year in the United States, with a similar occurrence in cats. For World Cancer Day, remind your clients of the importance of preventive care in the early detection—and treatment—of cancer. Seeing your social media post could help save a pet’s life.

8. Valentine’s Day

Show the love for your team, patients, and clients this Valentine’s Day! Consider decorating your clinic with valentine’s cards, and invite clients to contribute. Share photos on your social media feed, encouraging your followers to engage by commenting with their own photos of their furry valentines. It’s also a good time to drop a reminder to keep sweet treats away from pets.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August
9. Random Acts of Kindness Day

We could all use more positive vibes, so celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with your followers. Perhaps there’s a local shelter that could use donations or a neighbor who needs help with walking their dog. You can foster generosity in your community—and earn a reputation for being friendly and compassionate—through promoting kindness.

10. National Love Your Pet Day

As if we need a special day set aside for loving our pets, it’s still a chance to fill social media feeds with adorable photos, funny stories, and sweet memories about our animal friends. You also can remind pet owners that a significant way of loving their pets is by staying on top of their health needs to help them live their best lives for as long as possible.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August
11. Walk Your Dog Day

Perhaps tied with “treat,” “walk” is probably any dog’s favorite word. You can use this day to share tips for a safe and mentally stimulating walk, or try going the fun route and asking your followers to share how their dogs react when they know it’s time for a walk. Does your clinic carry leashes or other gear like reflective dog vests? Be sure to mention those!

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August
12. International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

There really is a holiday for everything, so why not have one celebrating the joy that dog biscuits bring to our canine companions? If you have a go-to biscuit recipe that’s safe and delicious, share it with your clients and ask them to report back after making them for their pups.

13. Doggie Date Night

Throw out some ideas for dog-friendly nights out! Are there beautiful local spots for a picnic, a trail for a sunset hike, or a drive-in movie venue? Ask your followers to comment with their suggestions so everyone can crowdsource together.

14. Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

For those of you who see rabbits, this is the time to spread awareness about adopting these long-eared furry friends. Think of what those who are new to rabbits might overlook: bunny-proofing their home, knowing how to hold a rabbit, and so on. Remember to encourage people to book an appointment for a wellness exam for their new furry family member.

15. Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

Pet owners may think that spaying and neutering are done to prevent overpopulation and don’t realize these routine procedures also have important health benefits for dogs and cats. Share information about the impact spaying and neutering have on behavior and cancer prevention, while letting people know that your capable staff will provide the best care for their pets.

We’ve given you the ideas; now, the next step is creating your content and scheduling it out! Or make your life even easier and let our team take care of your content creation for you. Our content plan customers receive custom graphics and scheduling tailored to their audience and increase traffic to their site!

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