Veterinary Receptionist Week is an excellent time to thank the wonderful folks who keep our veterinary clinics running smoothly. These unsung heroes of the veterinary world are the first point of contact for our beloved pets and their worried owners; their caring, professional demeanor can make all the difference. To show appreciation for their tireless efforts, let’s dive into creative and memorable ways to celebrate these indispensable team members during Veterinary Receptionist Week.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Personalized Thank You Cards

Taking the time to write a heartfelt, personalized thank you card can genuinely brighten a veterinary receptionist’s day. Tell them how much their hard work and dedication mean to you, and don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some humor or pet-related puns!

A Wall of Appreciation

Create a “Wall of Appreciation” in the clinic where clients can write messages of gratitude for the veterinary receptionists. These messages can be anonymous or signed and should focus on the positive impact the receptionist has had on their experience.

It’s Time to Party!

A Paws-itively Amazing Party

Throw a surprise party for the veterinary receptionists during their lunch break. You can decorate the break room with balloons, streamers, and other festive elements. If possible, include a pet-friendly cake or cupcakes so even our furry friends can join the celebration!

Themed Dress-Up Days

Organize themed dress-up days during Veterinary Receptionist Week, such as “Crazy Hat Day” or “Wacky Socks Day.” Encourage everyone in the clinic to participate and make it a fun, lighthearted event that promotes team spirit.

Showcasing Their Talents

Skill-Boosting Workshops

Arrange workshops or training sessions to help receptionists hone their skills and learn new ones. This shows your appreciation for their work and helps them grow professionally.

Receptionist of the Day

Highlight one receptionist daily during Veterinary Receptionist Week on the clinic’s social media platforms. Share a photo and a brief description of their contributions, and encourage clients to leave comments expressing their appreciation.

Little Surprises Make a Big Difference

Gift Baskets

Create customized gift baskets for the receptionists with their favorite snacks, scented candles, pet-themed items, or other small goodies. Personalizing these gifts shows you’ve put thought into your appreciation.

Random Acts of Kindness

Encourage the whole team to perform random acts of kindness for the receptionists throughout the week, such as bringing them a cup of coffee, offering a helping hand, or simply delivering words of encouragement.

Make your team’s life easier with more technology.

Gifts and recognition are great ideas to celebrate Veterinary Receptionist Week, but investing in technology that makes their life easier is the best gift. Ask your team what issues make their days hard, and work to solve them with technology that gives them precious time back. If you have an outdated website or lack new customers, a custom veterinary website from WhiskerCloud can make your life easier with custom forms and online portals. If client communication is an issue, PetDesk can assist with reminders, two-way texting, and refill requests. Tired of booking appointments over the phone? Vetstoria’s online booking platform can automate their life and make it easier. If you have an outdated phone system, Kontak can solve that with a modern phone system that integrates with your practice management system.

Celebrate your team all year, not just during Veterinary Receptionist Week.

Veterinary Receptionist Week is the perfect opportunity to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of veterinary receptionists in our clinics. These compassionate professionals often go above and beyond to ensure our pets and their owners have a positive experience. We can express our appreciation and gratitude for their hard work by implementing creative, thoughtful, and engaging activities.

From heartfelt thank-you notes to surprise parties, skill-building workshops, and random acts of kindness, there’s no shortage of ways to make this Veterinary Receptionist Week memorable. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and even small gestures can make a big difference. Let’s come together to make this Veterinary Receptionist Week an unforgettable celebration for our cherished receptionists and let them know how much we appreciate their dedication to the wellbeing of our beloved pets.


  1. When is Veterinary Receptionist Week? Veterinary Receptionist Week is usually celebrated in April, but the exact dates may vary. It’s always a good idea to check the official Veterinary Receptionist Week website for up-to-date information. This year, it’s April 23 – 29, 2023.
  2. Can clients participate in Veterinary Receptionist Week celebrations? Absolutely! Clients can show their appreciation for the veterinary receptionists by writing thank you notes, leaving positive online reviews, or even bringing in small tokens of gratitude like homemade treats or flowers.
  3. How can I spread the word about Veterinary Receptionist Week? Use your clinic’s social media platforms, website, and newsletter to inform clients and the community about Veterinary Receptionist Week. Encourage everyone to join the festivities and show appreciation for the hardworking receptionists.

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