Congrats! You’ve made it to July! Are you looking for some inspiration and ideas for veterinary marketing Ideas for July? This month is jam-packed with fun holidays and activities that you can easily tie back to your business. Kick off the second half of the year with engaging social media content, promotional events, and blog posts that are informational and enjoyable. To give you a head start, we’ve put together a list of 25 content ideas to help with your clinic’s marketing strategy this month.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for July

1. National Lost Pet Prevention Month™

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month™. Highlight the importance of microchipping and let your clients know how to book a microchip appointment for their pet. Share other preventative measures with your followers to help them avoid the stress and heartbreak of a missing pet.

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2. National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

This month you can also showcase content that focuses on checking for dehydration in pets, dangers of decreased water intake, and recommended products to ensure pets are drinking enough water. Also, ensure that your website’s emergency page is up to date if pet parents run into a situation where dehydration has taken a turn for the worst.

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3. National Dog House Repair Month

Encourage pet parents to repair or build their dog houses by celebrating National Dog House Repair Month! This is another excellent contest opportunity. Ask your clients and followers to submit before and after photos of their dog houses, then post them on your feed for your other followers to vote on their favorite transformation. This contest is sure to drum up a lot of interaction and excitement!

4. Independent Retailer Month

Does your clinic have an in-house pet supply shop? Share some pictures of your newest product or staff favorites. Also, create content around any specials you are running. If you don’t have a supply shop, this is a chance to team up with a local pet store and cross-promote your services.

5. Everybody Deserves a Massage Week – July 16-22

If your clinic provides animal chiropractic services or massage therapy, make sure these are listed on your services page! Since these are specialized services, you’ll want to make it easy for pet parents who are on the search. Also, with updating your site, create social media content discussing the benefits of massage therapy as a preventive treatment and pain management technique.

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6. National Zookeeper Week – July 18-24

Team up with your local zoo and use this to create informative content for your audience. Have your followers submit questions for a zookeeper, record a video response, or have the answers written on a post or story. You could also turn this into an interview for your blog. If you don’t have a blog page on your site, here’s what you’re missing.

7. All-American Pet Photo Day – July 11

Prep for this day by setting up a photo station at your clinic equipped with red, white, and blue props. Encourage your clients to stop by before or after their appointment to snap a pic! This is an excellent opportunity to ask your clients to post their pictures on their social media and tag your clinic’s account or the location. After getting their permission, you can share their content on your own social media pages.

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8. Shark Awareness Day – July 14

Shark Awareness Day lands in the middle of Shark Week. Share information about shark conservation and safety tips for the summer. If your clinic provides exotic care services and has any domestic shark clients, snap and few pictures (or video) for your social media feed and show off your clinic’s range of services!

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9. National Pet Fire Safety Day – July 15

Making s’mores are a favorite summer pastime for many, and with s’mores comes fire. On July 15, National Pet Fire Safety Day is a great time to share tips about fire safety around pets.

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10. I Love Horses Day – July 15

If your clinic services equine patients, July 15th or ‘I Love Horses Day’ was meant for you! Feature pictures of your equine clients and talk about the services you provide for them.

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11. Give Something Away Day – July 15

Encourage your followers to give something to their local shelter (old blankets, pet supplies, etc.) or create a giveaway that stirs up attention online. Think about hosting a giveaway yourself by putting together a gift basket of goodies from your clinic or advertising a free service when booking a wellness visit (e.g., free pet nail trimming with a wellness visit).

12. Get to Know Your Customers Day – July 20

Get to Know Your Customers Day is a great chance to post a live testimonial of your clinic on your site or social media feed! Take a short video of one of your clients answering a few questions about their pet and their experience at your clinic. You can take this video, create many short content pieces for your Instagram or Facebook, or keep it as a full video to post on your site.

13. World Snake Day – July 16

Direct your social media content to snake and reptile owners. Share tips on caring for your snake, give reptile product recommendations, and highlight any services you provide for exotic animals.

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14. World Emoji Day – July 17

Utilize your Instagram and Facebook stories to have fun with this holiday! Post a photo of an emoji and then follow it up with an animal imitating that emoji. Or flip the order and ask your followers to guess which emoji the pet imitates before relieving the answer in the following story post.

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15. National Ice Cream Day – July 17

Share your favorite recipes for pet-friendly ice cream. Or better yet, make the recipe for an activity you host virtually or in the clinic! Going live on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok is a great way to interact with your clients in real-time and talk about the dangers of pets consuming human foods, like ice cream, while also making a pet-friendly treat.

16. National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day – July 21

Run a drive to collect handmade items that are needed at your local shelters, like homemade blankets, bandanas, or pet beds. Share instructions on creating these items or making a how-to video feature on your clinic’s staff members.

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17. No Pet Store Puppies Day – July 21

This is another great day to continue teaming up with your local shelter. Showcase photos of puppies up for adoption at your local shelter and share information about the benefits of adopting a rescue animal.

18. Parents’ Day – July 23

You heard it here first! Pet parents are officially included in Parents’ Day! Post photos of your pet parent staff members and clients with their fur babies. If you have any clients who own the mother (or father) and their offspring, don’t forget to showcase them as well!

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19. International Day of Friendship – July 30

This is the ultimate day to post a photo of some unexpected animal buddies (what’s cuter than a snuggling cat and dog?) Highlighting your staff and their best animal friend is another way to represent the day of friendship.

20. National Mutt Day – July 31

Ask your clients to send in pictures of their mixed breed animals! Or, while they are in-clinic, ask if you can take a picture of them for use on social media. The chance to be featured on your page can create excitement and encourage your clients to follow your social media pages.

21. Fireworks Pet Safety Awareness

Share content focused on tips for comforting anxious pets during moments of loud noises. Let them know about the resources your clinic provides to pets who get stressed out during firework celebrations.

22. Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips

Temperatures are rising! There’s no better time to inform your followers about the importance of protecting their pets from the harmful effects of the sun, including sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, scorched paw pads, and more!

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23. Summer-themed Photo Contest

User-generated content is the best! Not only is it an easy way to source content, but utilizing your client’s photos helps increase engagement and create a more personalized feed.

24. Taking your Pet to The Beach Tips

Your social media feed is a resource for pet parents. Create a few graphics that showcase beach safety tips geared towards pets, including pet-safe sunscreen, what to pack for a beach day, and the importance of microchipping in case a pet runs off.

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25. Pet Boarding Promotions

With many families taking extended vacations during the summertime, there is no better time to promote your boarding and pet daycare services if your clinic doesn’t offer to board; team up with a local pet boarding service for cross-promotion.

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We’ve given you the ideas; now, the next step is creating your content and scheduling it out! Or make your life even easier and let our team take care of your content creation for you. Our content plan customers receive custom graphics and scheduling tailored to their audience and increase traffic to their site!

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