Last month we brought you the latest on Messenger API for Instagram, now we’re back with another update that will change the way you create content for Instagram.

We’re no longer a photo-sharing app.” Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri drop this major bombshell in a video posted to Twitter referencing the updates coming soon to Instagram.

Instagram will be rolling out updates in the coming months that change the way users see content on their feed. Although specifics are not known, Instagram’s algorithm will be prioritizing video content, like Reels and Instagram Video, over photo-based content.

Up until now, Instagram has been known for its consistently square photo grids and feed. This move away from prioritizing photo-based content responds to the popularity of other video platforms like TikTok and Youtube.

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Another big change coming to Instagram is their focus on ‘recommendations.’ You may have already noticed that suggested posts have mixed their way into your feed; Mosseri said this is a change that they will be expanding upon. Meaning users will be seeing more content on their feed from accounts that have been recommended to them rather than from accounts they are following.

With the upcoming changes to Instagram, your content creation strategy must also change from strictly appealing to your followers to focusing on creating content for a wider audience and boosting your opportunity to have your posts recommended to as many users as possible. At the moment, we don’t know exactly how Instagram’s algorithm will be pushing content to users, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare by creating a wide variety of video content created with a larger audience in mind.

So what do all these changes mean for you and your veterinary clinic? You’ll want to optimize your marketing strategy to make the most out of the updates to Instagram. With changes to the way content is being shown to users, your business is a great opportunity to reach an audience beyond your followers, attract users to visit your site, and increase appointments booked!

Since Instagram will be prioritizing video content, start taking video now! We recommend building up a backlog of content throughout your work week and then dedicating a day to editing and scheduling your posts.

Take a video of everything! Creating video content can be just as easy as taking photos. The great news is that you likely have access to a stellar video camera built right into your smartphone. If you need to edit beyond the capabilities of your phone’s camera app, there are many free apps and software available for video editing. Once you’ve got the equipment, all you need to do is press record! There are so many different directions you could go when creating video content, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Record a video walk-through of your clinic. This will get clients excited to visit and give them more information about your practice before they even walk through the door.
  • Host a Q&A. Gather questions from your clients and respond to them on camera, or put together and answer a handful of frequently asked questions. This is a great opportunity to build up trust with current and future clients.
  • Do a demonstration on camera. Showcase how your clinic performs routine procedures like microchipping or wellness exams. Videos like these posted on your social media feed and website are great resources for pet parents.
  • Give tips on at-home pet care like administering medication to cats or applying flea preventative to puppies. Building up informational content on your social media channels will help you reach audiences searching for instructional content.

All of the videos you create can also be cross-utilized as content for your website and other social media platforms! If you are a WhiskerCloud customer (if you’re not, book a demo today with WhiskerCloud today), we can publish videos on your site and your social media for you. It’s as easy as sending an email to with your videos attached and letting us know where you want them to be posted. Our expert team will handle the rest. As with anything related to social media, things can change in an instant; in fact, Mosseri noted that Instagram has a vision for how they want the app to transform over the next year; however, plans are likely to change between now and then. Our team is dedicated to staying informed on all the updates and keeping you up to date. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to keep up with the latest on all things social media.

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