Every February, veterinary hospitals worldwide start to remind their clients about the importance of dental health care and work to remind them why they need a dental cleaning. Dental Health Month is an essential part of all companion animals’ overall wellness care, and the best way to properly do marketing for this is simple—education. We all know the stats: 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show oral disease symptoms. This means that most of your patients are dealing with dental health issues, and that alone is a great place to start when marketing Dental Health Month to your current clients.

Start in the clinic.

There are endless possibilities that the team at WhiskerCloud can assist you with online, but we’ll never be inside the practice. The same way we think that getting more reviews is best done by asking when someone checks out at the clinic, we believe that promoting your dental health specials in the clinic is the best way to get in front of your clients to discuss the reasons why it’s important for their pet. If you have specials running, this is your time to go over the special pricing with them and get them booked on the spot.

Get your team involved.

We are happy to make beautiful posts that inspire and get people interested in Dental Health Month (we’ll discuss this more below). Still, nothing beats a pet parent watching their veterinarian explain the importance of oral health to them on video. Grab a smartphone and film one of your veterinarians explaining the importance of Dental Health Month and why it’s imperative that pet owners schedule an exam and cleaning for their pets.

Even if grabbing a quick video is too much for a busy clinic, grabbing a few quotes from doctors and vet techs can be turned into posts, graphics, and educational tools to get people into the clinic for a cleaning. The more you put into this campaign, the more you will get out of it.

It’s no secret that improper oral health can lead to infections that can spread through the bloodstream to affect the liver, kidneys, and heart—sometimes pet owners need to hear things like this to understand the gravity of dental care. Hearing their trusted veterinarian outwardly say this has real value, and a video is the best way to distribute this information.

Run a Dental Health Month special.

The average dental cleaning is somewhere in the $300-700 range, and this does not include pre-cleaning blood tests, extractions, and other special treatments needed, and pet owners are aware of the cost. Running a Dental Health Month special and promoting it early is the best way to fill up your February schedule before it even starts.

Most of our customers run discounts in the 10-20% off range and promote the week before February via their website, social media, email marketing, and yes, in the clinic. If you have a certain amount of dental cleaning appointments you can fill during the month, work to fill them up as early as possible so that you can also build a waitlist in case you have cancellations.

Let WhiskerCloud help you promote Dental Health Month.

It starts on the website, and we can help with that. Here are a few ideas on how to properly promote a Dental Health Month special on your website. First things first, let’s get a nice banner on the top of all pages that clearly showcases your current or upcoming special. From there, we’ll link to a custom landing page.

Veterinary Dental Health Month Marketing

The landing pages are built custom for your clinic, so you have options on the types of features you can include on these pages:

  • Showcase special pricing! A great deal will entice people to book to lock in the lower price.
  • Explain why dental health care is so important, and yes, make sure clients understand what happens when pet owners ignore their pet’s oral health.
  • Have a countdown for your special pricing; this can create a sense of urgency for your clients to book.
  • Create a form that allows users to unlock the special; this gives you their contact information so that your team can follow up and work to get them booked.
Dental Health Month Vet Landing Page
Vet Dental Health Month Offer
Pet Dental health Month Form

Let’s create some custom social media posts for Dental Health Month.

If you’re on our Content Plan, you know the WhiskerCloud social team can create unlimited custom graphics for your clinic’s social media page. Whether you’re shooting the videos we discussed above or sending our team some before and after dental images, we’ll create content that gets engagement and drives people to your website to claim an offer for Dental Health Month.


Run an advertising campaign.

The WhiskerCloud advertising team currently manages seven figures of ad spend for veterinary clinics worldwide. Nothing gets the phone ringing quite like an advertisement popping up on Facebook or Google that educates pet owners on how bad things can get if they don’t take care of their pet’s oral health. Couple that with a special offer, and you’ve got conversions left and right on your latest campaign. We can target pet owners searching for dental care or do outreach ads that target pet owners within a specific radius of your hospital.

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We’re here to help.

No matter what you’re doing for Dental Health Month, make sure to reach out, and let our team know all of the details of your campaign. We’ll make sure you’re in a position to succeed. Just email our support team at digital@whiskercloud.com and we’ll be ready for you!

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