Have you been looking for inexpensive holiday marketing ideas for your veterinary clinic? We’ve got you covered!

The holidays are here, and while it’s a great time to relax, it’s also the last chance to get any revenue into the business before the end of the year. Special holiday hours and days off mean less time for pet parents to come to your clinic and pay for treatments, goods, and medication, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. We have some simple ways to get people in the door and add some life to your clinic during the holidays! It’s not all about revenue – it’s also essential to bring a sense of family and togetherness with your clients during the holidays, and these tips can help. These inexpensive marketing ideas can help your veterinary hospital stay busy during slow times.

Update and promote the holiday hours for your veterinary clinic online.

Make sure that visitors to your website, people Googling your clinic, or stopping by the clinic understand your holiday schedule through November and early January. This will allow them to plan accordingly and perhaps will drive them to get in before the holiday off-time. There is nothing worse than showing up to a business that is closed early for the holidays after its website and social media pages have incorrect information. If you strategic tools like the PetDesk app, be sure to update your hours there as well.

WhiskerCloud clients, please email your holiday hours to our support team at digital@whiskercloud.com. We will ensure your online presence is completely updated.

Set up a holiday display or photo op for your clients and patients at your veterinary clinic.

Whether it’s “photos with Santa” or a special “holiday baked goods for pets night,” getting creative to get your clients in the door will help strengthen the bond you share with them. If you don’t have space, partner with restaurants, pet stores, or other neighborhood businesses that would love to join you in spreading some holiday cheer. Even if you don’t invite clients to the clinic, decorate and post photos to social media. Have a contest or informal poll to see which decorations clients like best and would enjoy the most when visiting.

We understand that this may be difficult during a pandemic, but veterinary individuals are some of the most creative people on Earth. Setting up some curbside fun may be a great way to ease some of the pandemic tensions that veterinary hospitals have been dealing with recently.

Develop special holiday offers on veterinary care and supplies.

End the year with a bang with special offers that pet parents will love. Reminder: sales only work if it’s something that clients want. Meaning – 10-15% off a dental cleaning, buy six get two free on common heartworm protection, or a free nail trim with a wellness exam to get people in the door. Make sure your offers are meaningful and helpful in driving people to the clinic. When considering offers, ask yourself, “Would I make an appointment to take advantage of this offer?

If you offer boarding or grooming, promote these offerings on your website and social media so you can fill up the schedule well before the holidays arrive. If you want to increase client numbers for boarding and grooming, take advantage of WhiskerCloud’s advertising platform and target people actively searching for “pet grooming” and “pet boarding” in your area.

To reach engaged clients directly on their mobile devices, send custom messages to your clients to drive them to the clinic for end-of-year pet treatments or special offers on services and goods with PetDesk.

Give a gift or treat with a purchase.

Children all over the world wait in line to visit Santa and usually get a chance to tell him what they want, and they even walk away with a candy cane! Why not leave each patient with a holiday treat after they come to visit you? Crack open a bag of treats or place an order for a special gift – make sure each patient leaves with a smile! We think your clients will love it, too. Curbside care during a pandemic offers higher tensions and more anxiety, but a special surprise for the patient on their way back to the car will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Partner up and do some good!

Whether you collect food and blankets for a local animal shelter in need of supplies or help less fortunate families during the holidays – doing some good can help strengthen the bond with your community. Now’s the time to reach out to local shelters and non-profits supporting humans and animals to find out how you can help. Get your clients involved and do some good over the holidays together. WhiskerCloud’s social media team can help you catalog the event and tell the entire story on your website and social media pages.

The holidays are for spreading cheer and joy – and you can do that in your clinic with little to no effort. Need additional ideas or help? The WhiskerCloud team is here for you. Don’t hesitate to email us at digital@whiskercloud.com if you need some inspiration.

Happy holidays from all of us at WhiskerCloud!

Inexpensive Veterinary Holiday Marketing FAQs

Q. What are some inexpensive holiday marketing ideas for veterinary clinics?
A. There are several cost-effective ways to market your veterinary clinic during the holidays. Some ideas include updating and promoting holiday hours online, setting up holiday displays or photo ops, offering special holiday deals on veterinary care and supplies, giving a gift or treat with a purchase, and partnering with local organizations for charitable causes.

Q. Why is it important to update and promote holiday hours for my veterinary clinic?
A. It’s crucial to ensure that visitors to your website, people searching for your clinic on Google, or those stopping by in person are aware of your holiday schedule. This helps them plan their visits and prevents the inconvenience of arriving at a closed clinic. Accurate online information also builds trust with your clients.

Q. How can I engage clients with holiday-themed events at the clinic?
A. Hosting events like “photos with Santa” or a “holiday baked goods for pets night” can strengthen the bond with your clients. If space is limited, consider partnering with local businesses like restaurants or pet stores. Decorating the clinic and sharing photos on social media, along with hosting contests or polls about decorations, can also engage clients.

Q. What kind of special offers can I provide during the holidays?
A. Consider offers that clients find valuable, such as discounts on dental cleanings, deals on heartworm protection, or complimentary nail trims with wellness exams. If you offer boarding or grooming, promote these services online to fill up slots before the holidays. Using platforms like WhiskerCloud’s advertising can help target potential clients.

Q. How can I make my clients’ visits more special during the holidays?
A. Offering a small gift or treat after each visit can make a difference. Whether it’s a bag of treats or a special gift, leaving patients with a token of appreciation can enhance their experience, especially during curbside care in pandemic times.

Q. How can my veterinary clinic give back during the holidays?
A. Partnering with local animal shelters or non-profits to collect supplies or assist less fortunate families can strengthen community bonds. Engaging clients in these charitable efforts and sharing the journey on your website and social media can amplify the impact.

Q. Who can I contact for more holiday marketing ideas for my veterinary clinic?
A. The WhiskerCloud team is available to assist with additional ideas and inspiration. You can reach out to them via email at digital@whiskercloud.com.

Q. What wishes does WhiskerCloud extend for the holiday season?
A. WhiskerCloud wishes everyone a joyful holiday season and is always ready to support veterinary clinics in their marketing efforts.

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