Using WhiskerCloud for social media engagement can help you grow your veterinary business and save money. In today’s increasingly digitized landscape, even niche sectors like veterinary medicine are not immune to the challenges of online brand building. A prominent animal hospital approached WhiskerCloud with a predicament many businesses face: the dilemma of dedicating time to social media without seeing substantial growth or engagement.

Why is it important to outsource your social media to WhiskerCloud?

For veterinary businesses, budgets are more important than ever. The average salary of a social media coordinator in the United States is $44,983, but this is not feasible for most veterinary businesses. By outsourcing your social media needs to WhiskerCloud, you are paying more than 90% less for custom social media management, and you get unlimited graphic design, too. Adding social media marketing to your growth stack, you can ensure you’re growing your business and keeping in touch with current clients.

Here are some stats that show the power of social media for veterinary clinics:

  1. 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers. (Source: Forbes Advisor)
  2. 90% of users follow at least one brand on social media. (Source: Sprout Social)
  3. 74% of shoppers research social media before making a purchase. (Source: Synup)
  4. Customers who engage with a business on social media spend 40% more on that brand’s products and services. (Source: Sprout Social)
  5. Local businesses that use social media effectively see an average of 89% growth in brand awareness and 75% growth in sales. (Source: Social Media Examiner)

Identifying the Problem: The Struggle of Growing Online for One Veterinary Business

A WhiskerCloud customer came to us to discuss their slow growth, wanting to establish an online presence and interact more with current and potential clients.

Limited Online Visibility: Despite significant effort, the client’s social media presence suffered from stunted growth, subpar audience engagement, and a lack of consistent content posting.

Inadequate Social Media Expertise: Navigating the intricacies of various platforms was challenging. The client’s team had limited knowledge and even less time to unravel the complexities of each platform.

Not Enough Time for Social Media: Having a robust social media presence requires time, a resource that not all veterinary businesses possess when they are spending all of their time providing amazing veterinary care.

WhiskerCloud’s Strategy: A Comprehensive Approach

In-depth Consultation: We initiated our partnership with an exhaustive discussion to understand the platforms they were utilizing and to establish an effective collaboration strategy.

Optimization and Customization: By redesigning their social media profiles, introducing tailored graphics, and implementing strategic hashtags, we aimed to elevate the brand’s visibility and identity.

Data-Driven Decisions: Harnessing the power of analytics, we continuously evaluated the client’s social media performance to refine our strategy. This iterative approach ensured that the content resonated with their target audience.

Tangible Outcomes: Metrics Speak Volumes

Engagement and Growth: Within a month, we observed a 48% surge in total engagement and a 52% increase in followers across all platforms.

Increased Visibility: Content impressions rose by 34%, revealing an enhanced reach to a broader audience.

Driving Traffic: With a 600% boost in clicks, it was evident that our strategic content not only engaged users but effectively directed them to the client’s website.

WhiskerCloud Social Media Case Study

Delving Deeper: Why WhiskerCloud Stands Out For Social Media Management

Holistic Approach: Beyond just creating visually appealing content, our goal is to generate engagement and conversion. Each piece of content is crafted with intent and purpose. Most importantly, we look to drive traffic back to customer websites to drive conversions and garner new business.

Preserving Brand Voice: While we amplify and optimize, we ensure the core voice of the veterinary practice remains authentic. We work in conjunction with our web team to ensure the messaging on the website matches the voice and tone of the social media pages.

Collaboration is Key: Although we handle the digital heavy lifting, we continuously collaborate with our customers, making sure the content feels genuine and is in sync with their brand values.

Conclusion: The Path Forward for Veterinary Digital Marketing

Navigating the realm of digital marketing requires more than just posting content online. It demands a strategy, in-depth understanding, and a genuine partnership. If your veterinary practice feels overshadowed by the vast digital landscape, WhiskerCloud is here to guide you. We help hundreds of veterinary businesses worldwide with their social media management needs. Interested? Request a demo today, and let’s discuss how to take your brand to the next level!

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WhiskerCloud Social Media Case Study FAQs

Q. What is WhiskerCloud’s approach to enhancing social media engagement for veterinary businesses?
A. WhiskerCloud adopts a comprehensive strategy to bolster social media engagement for veterinary practices. This includes an in-depth initial consultation to understand the platforms used, optimizing and customizing social media profiles with tailored graphics and strategic hashtags, and making data-driven decisions through continuous analytics evaluation to refine the strategy. Our objective is not only to create visually appealing content but to foster engagement and drive traffic back to customer websites for conversions and new business acquisition.

Q. Why should a veterinary business consider outsourcing its social media management to WhiskerCloud?
A. Outsourcing social media management to WhiskerCloud is a cost-effective solution for veterinary businesses. With the average salary of a social media coordinator in the US being $44,983, WhiskerCloud provides a more affordable alternative, costing 90% less while offering custom social media management and unlimited graphic design. This allows veterinary practices to maintain an active online presence, engage with their audience, and grow their brand without dedicating excessive time or resources.

Q. What tangible outcomes did the veterinary business experience with WhiskerCloud’s social media strategy?
A. The veterinary business witnessed significant improvements in social media metrics within a month of employing WhiskerCloud’s strategy. There was a 48% increase in total engagement, a 52% growth in followers across all platforms, a 34% rise in content impressions indicating enhanced reach, and a staggering 600% boost in clicks, effectively directing users to the client’s website.

Q. How does WhiskerCloud preserve a veterinary practice’s brand voice while managing social media?
A. WhiskerCloud places great emphasis on preserving the authentic core voice of the veterinary practice while managing its social media. We work with our web team to ensure that the messaging on the website matches the voice and tone on social media pages. Continuous collaboration with customers is critical to ensuring that the content remains genuine and in sync with the brand values of the veterinary practice.

Q. How does social media marketing contribute to the growth of a veterinary business?
A. Social media marketing is pivotal for veterinary business growth as it facilitates reaching and engaging with a broader audience. Statistics indicate that 77% of businesses use social media for customer outreach, and customers engaging with a business on social media tend to spend 40% more on that brand. Additionally, local companies utilizing social media effectively have seen an average of 89% growth in brand awareness and 75% growth in sales. By incorporating social media marketing into their growth strategy, veterinary practices can enhance brand awareness, boost sales, and establish a stronger connection with current and potential clients.

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