We cannot overstate the importance of client feedback in veterinary medicine. Are you collecting client feedback at your veterinary business? If not, you may be missing points that could help you grow and retain clients better in the future. Client feedback allows you to understand better the perception of the care you’re offering your clients and change things on the fly if needed. The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things in veterinary medicine, and while you were adapting in real-time, your clients may not have understood or approved every change you made to your business.

By asking your clients for comments and feedback, you show that their opinions matter to you. You engage them in creating your business, making them more invested in it. Listening to their voice aids in the development of stronger partnerships with them. This is not just about the operations of your veterinary business; it’s about marketing too. A strong client feedback campaign is the most effective way to attract devoted brand ambassadors who will spread good word-of-mouth about you.

Your WhiskerCloud website can be your client feedback hub!

Having the ability to have endless forms and automation built into your website is critical for growth, but it’s also essential for the operations of your business.

In addition to having a Client Feedback form built into your website, you can also create a custom experience based on the answers built into your client feedback form. Let’s look at two possible scenarios for this new workflow:

A happy customer leaves feedback.

A new client brings in their new puppy, has a wonderful visit, and is excited for a lifetime of care with your team. You can direct them to the client feedback form by offering them a link or QR code at checkout. They fill out the form and rave about their visit. They were happy. Since they were optimistic about their visit, our smart logic drops them on a landing page, inviting them to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp because we appreciate their kind words.

An unhappy customer leaves feedback.

A new client brings in their new puppy, has a stressful visit, and plans on never returning to see you. You can direct them to the client feedback form by offering them a link or QR code at checkout. They fill out the form, explain how much they disliked their visit, and tell you why they are never coming back. In this case, we use smart logic to drop them on a private page, letting them know that someone will be reaching out to make things better for them. A special notification also gets sent to the practice manager (or anyone else you’d like), letting them see the feedback and having them reach out. This gives your team the ability to jump in before they start leaving negative reviews.

Veterinary client feedback

Client feedback can help with your online review scores.

There’s no doubting the importance of an excellent online reputation. It’s your most powerful tool for attracting and obtaining new clients in today’s digital world.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. According to recent healthcare studies, 75% of people have searched online to find a doctor, and 74% say online reviews are helpful when choosing a provider. 61% say they won’t consider a provider with an average star rating lower than 4 out of 5. In veterinary medicine, it’s just as easy to have a bad day and get a one-star review as it is to go above and beyond and get a five-star review.

Client feedback helps you run a better veterinary business.

The most effective approach to keep your veterinary practice fresh and improve continuously is to create a culture of open communication among all employees, where any idea that may help the company is discussed.

One of the most effective strategies for generating psychological safety in your veterinary team is to share and analyze patient comments openly. Once teammates have developed trust, constructive conversations about improving the practice’s performance for the benefit of patients may begin.

Continuous feedback is the only foolproof way for veterinarians and practice teams to become the patient-centric businesses they genuinely strive to become.

What do you need to get started with better client feedback?

WhiskerCloud has all of the tools you need for better client feedback. WhiskerCloud offers endless utility with online forms that can collect feedback, request appointments, add users to an email marketing list, or enter the user into automation of anything you’d like them to accomplish on your website.

WhiskerCloud reputation management team offers real-time veterinary reputation management while you focus on caring for animals. If you get a bad or fake review, we’ll be there to help.

You can also use advanced communication and messaging tools from PetDesk to drive further engagement with pet parents before and after a visit to see you.

Your patients are your most important source of information about how well your practice is doing and the quality of care you and your team are delivering. So please do business with everyone a favor and begin collecting patient feedback right now.

Veterinary Client Feedback FAQs

Q. Why is client feedback important for my veterinary business?
A. Client feedback offers insights into the perception of the care you’re providing. By understanding and addressing your clients’ needs and concerns, you can improve your services, foster loyalty, and attract more clients. In the evolving landscape post-COVID-19, adapting to client feedback can also help ensure that your business changes are well-received and understood.

Q. How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact veterinary medicine and client perceptions?
A. The COVID-19 pandemic led to significant changes in veterinary practices. As businesses adapted to new norms, clients may not have comprehended or agreed with every modification. Collecting feedback ensures that businesses and clients are aligned in their expectations and perceptions.

Q. How can I use the WhiskerCloud website for client feedback?
A. WhiskerCloud provides endless forms and automation capabilities built into your website, crucial for growth and operations. With a Client Feedback form, you can direct clients to leave feedback, and, depending on their responses, offer customized experiences or direct them to relevant landing pages.

Q. What happens when a customer leaves positive feedback on WhiskerCloud?
A. If a client leaves positive feedback, WhiskerCloud’s smart logic can redirect them to a landing page inviting them to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, enhancing your online presence.

Q. How does WhiskerCloud handle negative client feedback?
A. For clients who leave negative feedback, WhiskerCloud’s system can direct them to a private page assuring them of a follow-up. A special notification can also be sent to practice managers or relevant personnel to address the feedback and prevent negative online reviews.

Q. How does client feedback influence online reputation?
A. Online reviews significantly affect a veterinary business’s reputation. 85% of consumers trust online reviews, and a large portion considers online ratings when choosing providers. By encouraging and addressing client feedback, you can improve your online review scores and attract more clients.

Q. Can client feedback impact the culture of my veterinary practice?
A. Absolutely. Open communication and a culture of feedback can foster psychological safety within your team. By sharing patient comments and encouraging constructive conversations, teams can collaborate better and improve the practice’s performance for the benefit of patients.

Q. How does WhiskerCloud support veterinary reputation management?
A. WhiskerCloud’s reputation management team provides real-time veterinary reputation management. If your practice receives a negative or fake review, WhiskerCloud’s team is there to assist, ensuring that your online reputation remains positive.

Q. What tools does WhiskerCloud offer for better client engagement?
A. Apart from feedback forms, WhiskerCloud offers online forms for appointments, email marketing lists, and user automation. Advanced communication tools from PetDesk can also be used to enhance engagement with pet parents before and after their visits.

Q. Why should I start collecting patient feedback now?
A. Patient feedback is a valuable source of information about your practice’s performance and the quality of care being delivered. By collecting and addressing feedback, you can continually refine your services and ensure patient satisfaction.

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