You have a shiny new WhiskerCloud customer veterinary website – your security is online and running, your SEO is working for you, and you’re making unlimited changes with the WhiskerCloud support team; what could be better? Now we want to work to optimize your WhiskerCloud website continually. Most hospitals come to us and have the same problem – they need a new website but don’t always have the time to create content. The WhiskerCloud team creates content for you, designs everything, and takes the added stress off your plate. However, we should partner to make your ‘About’ page shine!

Why is this important? Dr. Jessica Vogelsang said it herself; your mission statement stinks. Stop telling people you offer compassionate care and start telling them who you are!

Getting at the emotion of veterinary medicine is, shall we say, one of the easier challenges in marketing. Imagine trying to tug at the heartstrings as a forensic accountant similarly? Ask yourself: Why do you get up every morning? Why do you put up with the long hours, the back pain, the tears? What motivates you to wipe your eyes after a hard euthanasia, square your shoulders, and head into the puppy visit in room 2? Why do you stay past closing explaining insulin shots to an elderly widow who looks shell-shocked at the diabetes diagnosis?

However, it doesn’t stop there. The ‘About’ page is typically the second-most viewed page on almost all of our veterinary websites. The homepage is a complete overview of the hospital and what you offer, and the about page is a reminder of who will be caring for their pet. 64% of consumers report they have a strong relationship with a given brand because of shared values. So, tell them what you’re all about!

Why did you start your veterinary hospital?

This is your chance to tell your hospital’s story and why it’s so important to you. Everyone knows most veterinary hospitals will “treat your pet like their own,” but they want to know who you are and why you, of all people, should be the one caring for their pet when it matters most. What do you do better than anyone else? What do clients compliment you on the most? I’m giving you carte blanche to go around and ask people exactly why you’re so amazing, so make sure everyone knows it’s vital they be thorough.

Show proof of what makes you great.

This is a great place to showcase certifications for your hospital and team and to help potential clients know why these things are essential! Are members of your team Fear Free Certified? Awesome! Tell them what you had to do to get those certifications and how it helps their pet. Is your hospital AAHA-Accredited? Perfect! Explain how difficult it is to become AAHA-Accredited, with only 12-15% of all animal hospitals in the US and Canada accredited. We can also add relevant reviews from longstanding clients. Reviews are more important than you know! 91% of consumers between 18 and 34 trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Showcase what your veterinary business is offering the user.

Almost all users on WhiskerCloud websites are new users who are seeing your website for the first time, and it’s important to sell them. Yes, even veterinary businesses need to sell. Everyone offers to “treat your pet like family,” but what will you actually be offering them? Perhaps you will offer them reminders for their pet’s care and loyalty programs with apps like PetDesk. Maybe you will make it easy for them to book an appointment online 24/7 with Vetstoria. By showcasing what you offer and making it easy to use, you will help increase your chances of website users becoming paying customers.

It is also important to remember that your About Page is not just for potential customers- it’s also for your current clients. They should be able to quickly find your location, contact information, and business hours. If you have any unique selling points, such as being a certified Cat-Friendly Practice or having Fear Free Certified Professionals on staff, be sure to list those as well!

Ensure your About Page is engaging, informative, and easy to navigate. By following these tips, you can ensure that your About Page will be an asset to your veterinary website instead of a liability.

Use this page as a springboard to other relevant pages.

Now that they’ve had a chance to learn about you! Be sure to direct them to other pages on your website to take action. These pages can include your team and services and always have a contact form or call-to-action to request an appointment. We think showcasing your team and what makes them great on your website is essential! That way, pet owners will know what to expect and will see some familiar faces during their next visit.

You’re amazing. You’re different. You are not the veterinary hospital down the street.

Let WhiskerCloud help you tell that story through exciting content and beautiful design.

Veterinary About Page FAQs

Q: How can WhiskerCloud help me create an engaging ‘About’ page?
A: The WhiskerCloud team works closely with you to create an engaging ‘About’ page that authentically tells your story, outlines your mission, and highlights your unique strengths. We focus on eliciting the emotions and values driving your practice, enabling your clients to connect strongly with your brand.

Q: Why is the ‘About’ page important for my veterinary website?
A: The ‘About’ page is typically the second-most viewed page on a veterinary website. It serves as a crucial touchpoint where clients learn about who will be caring for their pets. It’s a chance to highlight your shared values, which significantly contribute to fostering strong client relationships.

Q: How can I showcase my veterinary hospital’s certifications and achievements on the ‘About’ page?
A: The ‘About’ page is a perfect platform to showcase your team’s certifications, such as Fear Free Certification or AAHA-Accreditation. Highlighting these achievements helps clients understand the standards your practice upholds and why these certifications benefit their pets’ care.

Q: Can the ‘About’ page help attract new clients?
A: Yes. The ‘About’ page is often the first in-depth look new users get at your practice. You can engage and convert these users into paying clients by effectively communicating your story, values, and what sets you apart. Including critical information like location, contact information, and business hours can also facilitate this process.

Q: How can I leverage the ‘About’ page to enhance my relationship with existing clients?
A: Beyond attracting new clients, the ‘About’ page can reinforce relationships with existing ones. You can ensure existing clients stay engaged and well-informed by updating them with the latest achievements, unique selling points, and a clear overview of your services.

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