The end of the year is the perfect time to look back at the year in total and do a full audit of all facets of your business, and we’re here to help you with your end-of-year website and social media audits. Things can get hectic, and it’s important to make sure the information on your website is up to date and as useful as possible for your clients. Why is this important? 94% of people won’t trust an outdated website; this means just having an appealing website isn’t enough. Having up to date information is essential.

Let’s keep it nice and simple and focus on five things you should check on when auditing your website for an end of year refresh.

1. Is your team page up to date?

Is your team page completely up to date? It’s important that all of the team members at your clinic are on your website with proper titles, certifications, and updated bios. Your website is a digital extension of your physical office, and it’s comforting for pet-parents to come in and see familiar faces. Plus, this is your chance to showcase your amazing team to potential clients.

If you have new team members to add, we can help! Snap a photo with a smartphone, and we’ll edit it to look perfect on your website. We can also assist with bio writing if your team needs it!

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2. Are you showcasing all of the services that you offer?

As our world changes, veterinary clinics change with it. Perhaps you now offer telemedicine due to COVID where you never did before. Perhaps you’ve recently started offering laser therapy, acupuncture, or want to showcase a shiny new piece of technology that you’ve added to the hospital to diagnose patients. Whatever it is, we want to make sure your clients know all about it! Make sure you have all of your services accounted for on the website. If not, let us know, and we’ll create some new content to showcase your new services. This is your chance to make sure current and potential clients know everything you have to offer them.

3. Is your contact information up to date?

Every change in your hospital’s day-to-day operations may require an update on your website, online listings, and social media—we can help. If you’ve changed your hours, phone number, or adding a text number or app, we want to make sure everything is updated on your website and online listings. Please triple-check that everything is current with the operations of your hospital. Email us at if you have any changes to make, and we’ll update everywhere.

4. Do you have any new accreditations?

Did members of your team get AAHA-accredited throughout the year? Perhaps your clinic is now Cat Friendly™ certified or Fear Free™ certified this year. If the answer is yes, we can help create content around this for your website and social media pages. This is your chance to showcase your new accreditations and let current and potential clients why you’ve chosen to go above and beyond for their pets.

5. What pages do you need to add to your website?

New content is key for strong SEO, and it’s always good to add pages for relevant content. Of course, you may not even be thinking about pages that could bring real value to your website. Not to worry, we have some inspiration to get you going.

Careers page: We looked — the leading veterinary job boards charge $1000+ per year, per listing. That’s a lot of money, and you don’t get to showcase your hospital in the process. Click here to learn more.

A fresh About page: The homepage is a complete overview of the hospital and what you offer, and the about page is a reminder of who will be caring for their pet. 64% of consumers report they have a strong relationship with a given brand because of shared values. So, tell them what you’re all about! Click here to learn more.

A digital forms page: As you know, it’s not always easy to get anything done with one or more pets in an exciting waiting room full of smells and noises. In this new world, we want to make things as simple as possible for you and your clients. It’s time to switch to digital forms. Click here to learn more.

A custom link tree page: A link tree page is a personalized, easily customizable page on your website that houses all the essential links you want to share with your audience. Click here to learn more.

The end of the year is a great time to audit, update, and refresh your digital presence, and we’re every step of the way to help. Please email us at, and let’s get the ball rolling!

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