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Getting Started

Welcome to WhiskerCloud! Getting started takes just a few minutes.

Let’s get started!

Below are the steps you’ll need to take to launch your new website with WhiskerCloud. We’ll make sure you know everything that’s going on every step of the way. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Agreement and Next Steps

Once you’ve completed a demo with a member of the WhiskerCloud team and have decided to work with us, the next steps are simple and easy! A member of our team will be working with you throughout the entire process.

1. Agreement

Once you have agreed to sign with WhiskerCloud, a member of our team will email you an agreement via HelloSign. HelloSign allows you to sign your WhiskerCloud agreement online with just a few clicks. When you receive the email from HelloSign, simply click the link to sign and we’ll be notified when you are finished. Once that’s done, a member of our team will email you the next steps.

2. Billing

WhiskerCloud utilizes Recurly for our billing processes, and we’ve found that it’s the simplest way to automate things for your veterinary clinic. No more paper invoices and checks, everything can be set up in under five minutes! Once you’ve signed the agreement, you’ll be sent a private link to set up your customer profile with WhiskerCloud in Recurly. You will be charged upfront for the website, and not another penny until your website launches. From there, your monthly payments will be automated to debit on the day your website launched, so you’ll always know what day the payment is coming. You’ll be able to update your billing method as often as you’d like using that same private link. If you’ve lost the link, don’t worry! Simply email our support team, and they will send it right over to you!

Click here to email our support team!

3. Survey

Once the agreement is signed, we’ll ask you to complete a brief survey for us. This survey allows you to answer some questions from our web design team, and give us all the information you’d like us to have when building your website! This includes everything from ideas for a new logo and branding package (included free with your new website), the pages you’d like on your site, the mood and tone you’d like to convey, the photos and videos you’d like to see on your website, and any other relevant information we should know!

Here’s a link to complete your survey: https://whiskercloud.com/survey/

4. File Sharing

In addition to the beautiful photos, videos, and custom designs that WhiskerCloud uses to customize your website – we also want to include your pictures and media files! We’ll be sending you a private link to a DropBox account so that you can share files of your choice directly with our team quickly and easily. Be sure to fill it up with beautiful photos of your hospital, employees, and anything else you’d like us to share on your website!

5. Answers To Common Questions

Will I own my domain?

Yes! You will always own your domain, even if we purchase one for you. And yes, you will keep your domain when you make the transfer to WhiskerCloud.

Do I own the logo WhiskerCloud creates for me?

Yes, of course! It’s yours forever to do with as you please.

Does WhiskerCloud host emails?

Yes! We can host emails on all plans. You can have branded emails that feature your domain name for a more professional look.

How long does it take to build my website?

The initial build takes 10-12 business days. Our team will schedule a walkthrough with you as we get close to being ready. From there, we can incorporate your feedback within 3-5 business days to get your site up and running quickly!

Have a question?

Click the button below to contact us – we’re happy to walk you through the entire process of getting started with WhiskerCloud!

WhiskerCloud Support