The veterinary medicine industry is in the middle of a hiring blitz! With the increase of pet ownership over the last year and veterinary schools not being able to graduate students fast enough, there is a gap in the field when it comes to hiring veterinarians quickly. On top of that, hiring is often a major pain point for already overburdened clinics who simply don’t have the time to devote to recruiting, sorting through applications, interviewing, vetting, and all other steps that go into the hiring process.

Among other things, sorting through candidates and filtering out applications that don’t fit the position can take a lot of time. The obvious way to cut down on this time is to increase the number of quality candidates who will fit your clinic’s culture and join the team for the long haul. Having a consistent brand identity directly correlates to an increase in strong job candidates. So, how do you develop your brand identity?

It all begins with your veterinary website. Many of the ‘fun’ parts that go into building your site actually work double duty in strengthening and showcasing your brand image. Decisions such as picking out your brand colors, creating or updating your logo, and developing your brand voice are all a part of your clinic’s brand identity. Once you’ve nailed down the way you want your business to look, feel, and sound, you can translate this to your digital presence as a whole.

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Speaking of your website, we highly recommend adding a careers page to your site. This page exists to give your available opportunities a central place to live. It provides a place where candidates can submit their applications directly to you rather than through a third party, like LinkedIn or Indeed. Additionally, you can save a lot of money by avoiding third-party job search sites and only accepting applications through your site.

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According to CareerBuilder, “after finding a job opening, 64% of candidates said they research a company online, and 37% said they would move on to another job opening if they can’t find information on the company.” This is why it is vital to develop your online presence and put your clinic’s best foot forward.

Adding information on your site about your clinic, like your ‘About Us’ and ‘Team’ pages, will not only give job seekers a glimpse into your current work environment but also show that your clinic views its employees as a valuable asset. At WhiskerCloud, we build you a custom veterinary website with unlimited pages, and we help you develop the information that will effectively convey your clinic’s work culture.

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Use your social media to continue your brand story and make hiring veterinarians easier. One key component to having a strong brand identity is consistency. This means your brand voice should be the same across your digital presence, including all of your social media platforms. Utilize the same (or correlating) colors, fonts, and verbiage from your website or other branding pieces such as your logo, signage, and marketing materials across your social media content. This consistency conveys a professional image to job seekers and clients alike.

You can also use your social media to keep your followers in the loop of your current hiring status. When you have an open position, cross-post it everywhere. Not only should the job description live on your website, but it should also be posted across all your social media channels relating to the open opportunity with an included call-to-action linking potential candidates directly to your website. If you’re posting on Instagram, you’ll want to add a link on your Linktree that connects to your site’s careers page. Social media is also a great way to utilize your trusted clients to help spread the word. Ask your followers to like and share the post with people they know who may be interested in the position. If you don’t have time, WhiskerCloud offers complete social media management for veterinary hospitals worldwide.

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