QR codes have become more significant in our lives than ever before, thanks to the Covid age. QR codes are barcodes that can be decoded by scanning them with a smartphone camera. WhiskerCloud can create you a QR code to help market your business or improve your internal processes.

QR codes have evolved from a tracking tool in the supply chain to a brand-tracking technology, but they are also used for much more. You’ve likely scanned a QR code to view a menu, link your social media profile, add friends to an account, board a flight, download an app, send and receive payments, access Wi-Fi, and authenticate your login details. The number of applications created with QR codes is truly limitless, and we can create them for you.


How to use QR codes in your veterinary clinic.

Direct customers to a landing page on your website

Whether you have a direct mailer that you want to send users to a specific page on your website or a QR code at the front desk that allows a client to complete a form on your website, the possibilities are endless. The best way to use QR codes in your veterinary clinic is to direct customers to a landing page on your website. This allows you to track how many people are coming to your site from the QR code and see what type of interactions they are having with your website. You can also use QR codes to send people directly to a form on your website or even make payment options available through the QR code. The possibilities are truly endless, and QR codes can be a great way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.

We can add custom UTM codes to these QR codes so you can track every click-through conversion on your website.

Make a phone call directly to your front desk.

Just as a QR code can link to any page on your website, it can also be used to create a direct call link for your clients. If you’re seeing patients curbside, a QR code to the front desk outside will allow users to call you directly just by scanning the code from their car.

Use the link to have clients download your app.

Let’s say you’re more excited than ever to have clients download your new app through PetDesk; you can have QR codes all over the clinic that sends users to download their new app with one click. They’ll be able to keep up with their pet’s health with just a few clicks. This is a great way to encourage client engagement.

Make a payment for veterinary services.

If you have an online portal for payments, you can have all clients use the QR code to pay directly from their smartphone with just a few clicks. This is a great way to make it easy for people to pay without creating a logjam in your waiting area. If you have curbside services being offered, you can have clients use the link to pay from their car quickly and easily.

Bonus idea: Link to your link tree page and have users do anything they need on a single page.

A link tree page creates a quick way for your customers to get their questions answered. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you want your current and future customers to see first. Simple. And finally, you can properly link to your content on social media networks like Instagram!

Current customers that want a QR code can email our support team directly at digital@whiskercloud.com, and we’ll get it made for you right away!

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