Your custom veterinary website from WhiskerCloud has more benefits than you know, including fixing issues you face on your favorite social media network. Imagine it—you put together this fantastic Instagram post showcasing something from your business, and you can link to it. You create the graphic, write the perfect post, and have nowhere to link it to within Instagram’s current platform. You could link directly to the post in your profile bio and just write “LINK IN BIO” on every post. With this method, you’d have to update the link in your bio for every post. What happens when someone sees your post from three days ago and LINK IN BIO doesn’t link to the correct page on your website? Yikes.

There is a fix—a link tree page.

A link tree page is a personalized, easily customizable page on your website that houses all the essential links you want to share with your audience. Also known as bio links, a link tree is a webpage designed to use in social media bios, especially in places like Instagram, where only one link is allowed and you are unable to post links in captions.

Due to this need, companies like and emerged to provide a service that made it possible to develop stylish landing pages in your social media bios. They are fantastic companies and offer beautiful link tree pages to their customers. Of course, you’re building this landing page with their limited themes. You probably want something totally custom, right? We can help! WhiskerCloud can build your veterinary hospital a new custom link tree page to ensure users can find the hot links you want to share with them. Plus, it lands people directly onto your website to schedule an appointment, download your app, or more.

WhiskerCloud Linktree

There are data and attribution problems with a link tree service.

If you work with WhiskerCloud, you must place high importance on data and tracking your marketing efforts. We want to know how many people clicked directly from Instagram, landed on your website, and converted into an appointment. However, a link tree service can hurt your conversion efforts because users will click from your Instagram bio link to the service and then to your website. Your data attribution will now be tied to the link tree service as the referring domain and not Instagram.

The services offer analytics for what is clicked on the page, which is nice, but it doesn’t solve the above problem.

Why have WhiskerCloud build you a custom link tree page?

Building a link tree yourself is the best option because it gives you complete creative control to design and position your brand the way you want. We allow you to create anything you want on your link tree page with custom animations, your brand colors, custom buttons, images, and anything else you can dream up!

Heart of Chelsea Linktree

WhiskerCloud customers get unlimited support and creations, including a custom link tree page that can be updated or changed as often as you’d like.

Some of the links you might want to include in your link tree are:

  • COVID protocols
  • Request or book an appointment
  • Current specials
  • Latest blog post
  • Your reviews
  • Online pharmacy
  • Careers page

WhiskerCloud can create a link tree specifically for your company and curate it to your wants and needs so that you can make all of your services easily accessible for all of your customers.

A link tree creates a quick way for your customers to get their questions answered. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you want your current and future customers to see first. Simple and straightforward. And finally, you can properly link to your content on social media networks like Instagram!

Vogelsang Link Tree
Dr Crocker Linktree

Ready to build the link tree page of your dreams? Email our support team at and we’ll make the dream a reality. We look forward to taking your social media presence to the next level!

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