Desktop computers are becoming more and more obsolete when it comes to surfing the internet, and we now have everything we need in the palm of our hands. Think about how much time you use your phone every day to check email, communicate with businesses, and look up information on new products and services – your current and potential clients are doing the same.

We track everything on all WhiskerCloud websites, and we’ve seen that more than two-thirds of traffic to veterinary websites comes from mobile devices. Let’s talk about what that means and why it’s crucial.

Customers spend 69% of their media time on their smartphones.

Pet owners are using their smartphones to research products and services for their pets, and it’s vital that you’re optimized for discovery. More importantly, 93% of people who use their mobile device to research a product will eventually make a purchase. It’s essential to have an SEO strategy that allows you to be found by users on smartphones and able to convert them on a mobile-responsive website when they arrive. If you don’t have these things set up, it’s a massive disservice to your business goals.

96% of Facebook users access the social network on a mobile device.

Think about the time and effort you put into Facebook posts, content creation, and mobile advertising. These users consume this information almost exclusively from their mobile devices. If you have a strong call-to-action that pushes them through to your website, it’s essential to make sure that it’s easy for these users to call, email, or request an appointment with a single click. Can someone request an appointment or get information on your website from their smartphone? If not, we can help.

57% of consumers say a business with a poorly designed mobile website is not likely to be recommended.

A Missouri University of Science and Technology study reported that it takes a person less than two-tenths of a second to form an opinion about your brand when they visit your website while taking another 2.6 seconds for the eyes to fully adjust and respond to that impression. Think about that for a second, within the blink of an eye; you’re making an impression on potential revenue for your business. Ask yourself, is your current website giving off the impression you want to be making?

It’s time to focus on mobile. Devices are getting bigger, smarter, faster, and we’re going to see increased traffic come from mobile devices in the future. It’s essential to optimize and plan for this change in your marketing efforts and overall growth strategy. If your website is not mobile responsive, WhiskerCloud can help get you optimized and ready for the future of marketing. You can request a free demo anytime by clicking here.