Growing your business starts with investing in custom veterinary website design, period. Welcome to 2019, the digital age of information where all businesses are on a level playing field. We can be on our home computer, reading our iPad on at a coffee shop, or using our mobile device on a plane and be searching for anything in the world! The truth is, we don’t know what pet parents will be doing when they need to find you, or what device they’ll be on, but we do know that your website needs to be user-friendly, mobile responsive, and unique to your brand or you just lost a new patient. Today, we’re going to explore the immense importance of beautiful veterinary website design.

Missouri University of Science and Technology study reported that it takes a person less than two-tenths of a second to form an opinion about your brand when they visit your website while taking another 2.6 seconds for the eyes to fully adjust and respond to that impression. Think about that for a second, within the blink of an eye, you’re making an impression on potential revenue for your business. Ask yourself, is your current website giving off the impression you want to be making?

What Does Your Website Need?

First and foremost, the best brands in the world built a marketing and branding plan around the uniqueness of their company. No templates, no massed produced musings, a custom website, brand, colors, and messaging that helped them stand out to consumers. First and foremost, do not ever use a theme or template as a website. You are not the same as hundreds of other vets and it’s important to convey that to pet parents visiting your site. Veterinary website design needs to be personal to your brand, period.

Mobile-responsiveness is so huge in 2019. 91% of people use their smartphone to search for a product or service – if your website isn’t mobile responsive, you’re already out of the running. It’s one thing to have a mobile-friendly website, it’s another thing to have a completely custom, mobile-responsive veterinary website design that makes you stand out!

veterinary website design

Visual appeal is so important in 2019. People find love by swiping left or right on their cell phones and choose meals based on images from an app – don’t you want the same thing for your veterinary clinic? People need to come to your website and be blown away from the beautiful colors, images, and caring text you’ve added to make them feel good about trusting you with their pets. It’s estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States, their owners are looking for you to help take care of them. It’s best to blow them away with beautiful veterinary website design, don’t you think?

The next time you want to find a nice restaurant to eat, focus on the images of the food that the restaurant is showcasing on their website. We use this example a lot when working with new clients – two pictures of food, which one would you rather eat?

veterinary website design

The same goes for finding the right veterinarian, your website makes the first impressions to a long working relationship. The attention to detail in your veterinary website design is just so important. A Stanford Web Credibility Project study found that 47% of users make buying decisions based upon a business’s site alone. Are you turning away half of all pet owners with your website? We can help.

WhiskerCloud’s platform offers the latest and greatest technology to veterinarians, monthly support and management, and all for a low price that makes it worth your while. We’d love to help customize your veterinary website design to showcase all of the amazing things you do.

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