Dear VetMed,

Our journey together started well before WhiskerCloud launched on June 1, 2016. My immense love of animals almost ensured I would end up here: working with others that have dedicated their lives to helping those without a voice. I may not be on the front lines with you, but know that I’ve got your back every single day.

Years before WhiskerCloud, I started a Boston Terrier rescue in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV. I did what I’ve always done; I built a website. And then, someone in Phoenix asked if they could be a part of it. Then Tampa Bay. Then Arkansas. And then, we were in 50 states and three countries. Within a month of going big with my new rescue site, I received an email about a Boston Terrier named Josie. Someone threw a Boston Terrier puppy out of a car and into a body of water. My website received an email; we posted about it and heard back from hundreds of veterinarians wanting to help, thanks to actress Denise Richards spreading the word for us.

From there, I worked with veterinarians around the world to help Boston Terriers in need. The seed was planted. I spent the next seven years learning everything about responsive web design, analytics, automation, social media, and advertising and became obsessed with being certified in all of it. I was lucky enough to hold positions at large companies that allowed me to be trained in SEO and advertising from the team at Google and learn the ins and outs of social media from experts at Facebook.

I was finally ready to set out and start my own company. It was a hit. The Greenbaum Digital agency quickly earned well-known clients around the globe, and we helped them all grow and expand. One big thing was missing—animals. A few chance encounters with some veterinary professionals and a search for a veterinary hospital in a new part of Denver that led me to dozens of broken websites were enough; I was ready to help veterinary medicine with their technology problem the way they had helped thousands of Boston Terriers in need when called upon.

I spent ten months building the infrastructure of WhiskerCloud, and I tinkered enough to make anyone go mad. I told my wife, “I’m pouring all of our money and all of my effort into this; this is my forever path.” She said, “What if it doesn’t work?” I responded with a Benjamin Disraeli quote, “Nothing can resist a human will that will stake its very existence on its purpose.” She laughed. And here we are.

We launched on June 1, 2016, with an article telling my story titled, “Why this Denver entrepreneur wants to bring veterinarians into the tech world.” Within 24 hours, I had emails from big companies in veterinary medicine asking to see what I was building. This industry was and still is just so hungry for help, ideas, and anything to help them grow. Over the last five years, I have spent (no exaggeration here) 100 hours per week doing everything I can to help.

Today marks five years since our official launch, and we’ve all evolved together. WhiskerCloud has responded to hundreds of thousands of support emails over the last five years. We have gathered billions of data points that help us create new products and evolve our platform. Five years later, I am still 100% invested in veterinary medicine as much as I am invested in WhiskerCloud’s success.

In February of 2021, WhiskerCloud was named a top 21 design company in America, and we were the only company on that list dedicated to veterinary medicine. Before we launched, no one ever thought of “veterinary medicine” and “technology” in the same sentence. We still have much work to do, but this is a real honor for all of us.

Thank you so much for five amazing years. This may as well be a drop in the ocean of our time together because we’re just getting started. I told my wife I would stake my very existence on my mission, and I’m going to continue doing that.

Thank you for your support, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, practice managers, and all staff at the fantastic businesses we work with.

– Adam Greenbaum and the WhiskerCloud team (not all pictured below)