It took a pandemic, but businesses around the world are finally moving to digital forms, and we could not be happier. In pre-COVID days, people would leash and crate their pets, drive to your office, and sit down to complete multiples pages of new client forms by hand. As you know, it’s not always easy to get anything done with one or more pets in an exciting waiting room full of smells and noises. In this new world, we want to make things as simple as possible for you and your clients. To be frank, it’s time to switch to digital forms.

We would estimate roughly 75% of our clients have one or more digital forms on their website. These forms range from New Client Forms, Medical Authorization Forms, and Appointment Requests. However, we can build out anything you want, and we have some ideas you may like.

Keep in mind; these forms can be customized to your liking with options like text boxes, multiple-choice, file upload, and anything else you may require! We can also turn your forms into funnels, directing them to complete another action the moment the form has been completed.

July 2020 Update: We can now include a PDF of your received form to the email you receive when a client completes a form on your website. These PDFs can be saved and uploaded or printed right in your email.

The basics: New Client and New Patient Forms

Whenever you have a new client or new patient coming to your clinic, gathering as much information as possible is important. Let’s digitize your new client forms to collect the information you need on the family and each specific pet. Any questions you may have, we’ll customize the fields to get the answers you need.

New Client Form

Boarding Reservation Forms

A lot of hospitals are now offering discounts and specials on pet boarding. Treat your clients to the hotel experience and allow them to pick check-in dates, check-out dates, and provide you with the information your team will need while boarding. These forms can ask anything, including uploads for medical records, a list of personal items coming with the animal, or exact medication and feeding instructions.

Screen Shot 2020 04 09 at 8.47.11 AM

Creating a seamless boarding experience will make sure dropping off their pet is a smooth and straightforward process. Your clients and staff will be happy you did that. It doesn’t just end there. Protect your staff and system by asking questions that your team needs to know, and we can customize any of these questions with different form fill options, and even have follow-up questions appear when specific answers are given.

Boarding Form 2

Curbside Drop-off Forms

Have you started doing curbside drop-offs and check-ins at your hospital due to the COVID pandemic? GOOD! We want to make it easier for you. Collect the information you need, like the client’s vehicle information, to ensure that your check-in process is as smooth as ever, even with curbside protocols in place. Asking things like the type of car they are in and the types of refills they may need during this visit will ensure your team can be fully prepared when they arrive.

Curbside Form

Get your signatures, digitally.

If you have special authorization or payment protocols for your clients’ visits, we can include digital signature boxes and required dating to ensure that your team is protected when it comes to collecting payment or providing proof during a dispute.

Signature Form

Conditional formatting!

Some questions need more than a simple yes or no answer, and we want to make sure your forms ask the correct follow-up questions to get your team the information they need. Our conditional formatting allows you to ask additional questions based on clients’ answers. See below as a new field is created when the client selects “Yes” instead of “No.”

No answer
Yes Answer

What happens after the form has been completed?

Two things happen when a client completes a form on your website. Let’s go through what the client sees, and what you see.

What the client sees:

WhiskerCloud uses success pages to track form completions on your monthly dashboard. The only way to access these pages is to complete a form. These pages can be totally customized to get your client to book an appointment, call you, or just read instructions on when you’ll reach back out to them.

Message Success

What you see:

An email will appear with the title of the form and all of the information that was filled out in the form. You can digitally transfer this information right into your system, print the form and add it to your client’s folder, or save as a PDF (click the three little dots, print, and then “Save as PDF”)!

screenshot 1 1

Let’s get started!

Ready to get moving? Email our digital support team at and let us know what forms you’d like to create or digitize on your website. Please note, our forms can be customized for your liking and can be completed on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. We’re here to build a complete funnel system for your hospitals during this unusual time.

Need help getting started?

We're with you every step of the way. Email us directly and let us know how we can help, we'll be there to help you find the perfect solution.