According to Sprout Social, over 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide, and that number increases every year. Social media isn’t just a place for people to stay connected with each other; it also provides a space for consumers to stay up to date on their favorite brands and businesses. We’ve written many blogs about just how effective social media can be at promoting your veterinary clinic, and today we want to share some data behind a new clinic we’re working with. We are experts in social media strategy for the veterinary industry, handling everything, including content creation, responding to comments and direct messages, optimizing your posting schedule, and more.

First, let’s talk about what it means to have an effective social media strategy. As with any marketing strategy, the ultimate goal is to increase revenue. For veterinary clinics, your revenue is directly linked to booked appointments, which is why our team aims to increase traffic to your website and ultimately drive traffic that is likely to convert to a customer. The more time a client spends on your site, the more likely they will call or click and book an appointment.

In this case study, we’re bringing you a breakdown of one of our Content Plan client’s social media transformations and detailing the impact that an effective social media strategy managed by our team had on their business.


The Business

Our client is a newly opened veterinary clinic located in a very densely populated area of Canada. They have a lot of local competition and were looking to maximize their online reach to increase appointments booked.


The Details

This clinic is a full-service veterinary hospital that opened in July 2021. They had active Instagram and Facebook accounts and post amazing behind-the-scenes photos, but were not focused on a strategy to drive traffic to the website.


The Results

In the month and a half that WhiskerCloud has managed this client’s social media strategy, the website has received 994 site visits. Comparatively, our client’s site had 611 visits in the three and a half months they were running their social media channels in-house.

Prior to partnering with WhiskerCloud, our client had a lot of great content to share but had only been posting on their social media platforms irregularly. Our team took their content to the next level by ensuring that each post was branded consistently and that we were posting regularly at optimal times determined by our internal analytics program.

Results were instant. We began posting custom content to our client’s pages on July 5th and since our initial posts, there has been a massive increase in likes, comments, and shares–the actions that grow your organic reach and get your business in front of more users. Additionally, the spike in website traffic was amazing!

Our client went from 17 users on their site to 147 the very next day! Nearly 30% of our client’s website traffic can be attributed to social media, compared to just 14% before our team began curating and posting social media content.

Pet Microchipped

From the beginning of our partnership, this customer has been very involved with the tailoring of their social media strategy. We know through social media statistics and first-hand experience, that personalized content has greater engagement, on average than generic content. Our client is great at sending assets (including photos of staff, patients, etc.) to our team that we then transform into stunning social media posts. This mixture of user-generated content and graphics allows us to put out a consistent amount of content while keeping the posts relevant to the veterinary practice.

Veterinary marketing ideas: When it comes to generic content, we recommend choosing a few days out of the month, or however far out you are planning your social media schedule, where you can highlight relevant holidays or current events through posts relevant to these topics. This will help you stay on top of a consistent posting schedule by developing content in advance and scheduling out what you can ahead of time. Be sure to bookmark our Complete List of Social Media Holidays For Veterinary Hospitals and follow our Veterinary Social Media Blog!

Once you get the ball rolling with engagement, managing your responses can get overwhelming. However, it is important that comments and direct messages are responded to in a timely and appropriate manner. Not only does engaging with your followers increase your trustworthiness but Instagram and Facebook also take your activity into account when prioritizing content on the feed. This is another aspect that our team is on top of when you are a content client. We see when any comment or direct message is sent to your veterinary clinic’s social media pages. We then respond accordingly, whether that means answering a basic question about your contact information or directing the user to call your clinic regarding a sensitive matter, like specific pet health issues.

The client that we have been showcasing on this blog gets a lot of engagement from their followers. We love to see the influx of puppy pictures and responses to fun calls to action (e.g., “Leave us a ❤️ if your dog has a dog house!”) Our team ensures that every comment is responded to and we are constantly analyzing what type of content gets the most engagement, then using this information to tailor future social media posts.

We posted the following graphic for our client and got several responses! The photos that our client’s followers have submitted can then be used with permission from the owner to generate future content. Have we mentioned how much we love user-generated content?

Our team can build custom pages on your website that allow pet owners to upload photos for you to use in your marketing, and we think every veterinary website needs a photo gallery page!

Social Media Case Study

Posts like this are fun and allow you to build up your content library for future posts and have massive results in growing your audience. Think about how your followers would react to see their pet featured on your clinic’s social media pages. This is the type of post that will likely prompt them to share on their own page. Just like that, your post is now on the feed of a whole new set of social media users that will want to come to your page, learn more about your clinic, and will think of you the next time they are looking for a local veterinarian.

Are you ready to see results like these? Let our team build out the veterinary social media strategy of your dreams and handle all the hard work for you! Book a demo to get started.

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