Here at WhiskerCloud, we’re big on personalizing your website with features that will make your current and potential clients excited to scroll around and interact with your brand. We’ve worked with hundreds of veterinary hospitals on creating fun blogs with custom buttons, banner ads, and other calls to action on the site to increase engagement. We’ve built fun slide shows that increase interaction on the homepage and facilitate a flow through the rest of the site. We’ve created photo galleries that allow pet parents to upload photos to share on your website, and today we want to take about these galleries because they are so important on your website.

It’s no secret that personalization is important when it comes to your website. You don’t want some templated website that looks just like every other website on the planet – you want it to look like you! Of course, your clients want to feel like they’re part of your brand – and in comes the value of a photo gallery on your website. If you have a beautiful photo gallery on your website, you can expect some free marketing from your patients, even if they don’t know they’re doing it.

Here’s how it works:

1. You have WhiskerCloud build you a big, beautiful, custom photo gallery on your website.
2. You tell your clients in the office, on social media, and via email that you’d like them to upload photos of their pets to your gallery.
3. They upload photos directly on your website in under a minute, and our team instantly approves them to be live on your website.
4. They get so excited; they post a link to your website to their 500+ friends on social media “OMG look at Fluffy on my veterinarian’s website! How cool is this?”
5. All of their friends love Fluffy, so they click the link to see the photo.
6. They start scrolling through your site, love how fun and bold it is, and decide to call you for their veterinary care because their friend is so happy with you.

At this point in the blog post, you’re probably saying, “Sure, yeah right.” We have some stats for you. Our friends at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming worked hard with our team to craft a beautiful, custom website, and that included a photo gallery. Within a week of launching, they had over thirty submissions to their gallery! Now, they have hundreds and growing!

Screen Shot 2020 08 02 at 6.35.11 PM

More importantly, that photo gallery page has earned 8.52% of the total overall traffic to their website since launching! This has not only allowed them to gain more traffic from new potential clients; it’s enabled them to increase social media relevancy since these submitted photos instantly become user-generated content for their social media pages! The social media posts surrounding their photo gallery have a reach of over 10,000 unique people.

It’s great when a little personalization and patient involvement can lead to free traffic to your website. Do yourself a favor and go check out the photos being submitted. We are blown away at the quality! Click here to view their photo gallery!

If you don’t have a photo gallery on your website, let us help you build one! You’re going to love it, and your patients will too!

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