We understand that functionality and security are of the utmost importance when it comes to your website and online presence. To stay ahead of your questions and concerns, we will start addressing commonly asked questions from our clients as well as other support topics of interest we want you to be aware of.

We know that some error messages can be a bit frightening when received on the internet, especially when the words “website” and “blocked” are in that error message. Not to worry—your website is secure, and there is a solution.

Q: “When I click to call our company on my phone, I receive this error message. Can you please fix my website?”

Blocked call

A: You are not receiving this message because there is something wrong with your website. The most likely issue here is that you are running too many tests.

This is an essential security feature of your iPhone and will not be going away.

How or why is this happening?

1. If you select a phone number while browsing on your iPhone, the options to either “Call” or “Cancel” will typically appear.
2. If you “Cancel” three calls within a specific timeframe, your iPhone’s Safari app will start to think that the website is pushing out unwanted call requests (we know it as spam).

There is a solution! If this error message appears, all you need to do is press “Allow Call,” and it will reset the three-call counter.

We are here to reassure you that your website is safe to use and secure. When you receive an error message like this, please follow the above steps to troubleshoot. If you have further concerns, we have a dedicated support team who is happy to help you get this resolved.

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