This case study is proof that WhiskerCloud provides awesome veterinary search engine rankings and results with our cloud-based platform. We are so excited for our clients that have seen huge bumps in their ranking scores, many of them jumping to the number one spot on Google in their city! Today, we’re going to tell you how we do it.

Mastering the key to high veterinary search engine rankings was not easy, we tested quite a bit until we landed on the right mixture. First things first, we put meta tags, titles, descriptions, and keywords on every single page of your website, period. In addition, we do all of the right things on your website – using keywords correctly, writing well, naming media files properly, coding your website correctly, and naming pages correctly. Finally, our cloud server offers the type of speed, security, and functionality that Google likes to see, instantly bumping your veterinary search engine rankings the moment you sign up with WhiskerCloud! It’s a lot of technical stuff and we won’t bore you with it. Just know that we’re really good at what we do.

El Gato Veterinary Hospital is an amazing group of people in Los Gatos, California, and their old website didn’t reflect the type of care that they offer. It was a template site that looked like over one hundred other sites that we found. It was littered with misspellings, broken links, and no SEO meta tags. More importantly, they were not showing up on the first three pages of Google search rankings. If you aren’t on the first two pages, you’re basically invisible. Dr. Aurora Bibb and her incredible team reached out and switched over to the WhiskerCloud platform and the results were better than we expected!

Veterinary Search Engine Rankings

Not only did we build a completely custom website for El Gato Veterinary Hospital within 14 days of them signing up, we also pushed their Google rankings up quite a bit! Within a week of launching with WhiskerCloud, El Gato ranked #1 for Google Places (we integrate with Google Business rankings) and also cracked the front page, and climbing!

Veterinary Search Engine Rankings

Veterinary Search Engine Rankings

What does this mean for their business? More people searching for the best veterinarian in Los Gatos, California will immediately find them on any device (our sites are 100% mobile responsive) and one click to call or email them! What does this mean? More clicks, more calls, more appointments, more business! All of this within a week of switching to the WhiskerCloud platform. We work hard to provide better veterinary search engine rankings for our clients, focusing on the smallest of details with every website we build.

Dr. Rick Diaz and the Pet Care Clinic of Doral were not on the first page of Google and his website was a templated website from one of the “other guys” out there. We worked hard to build a website that Dr. Diaz always imagined his practice would have. We even added an awesome video to make it look and feel really custom. We indexed Dr. Diaz’s new site with Google and BOOM, they were ranked #1 on Google in a week. Hello, new patients!

Veterinary Search Engine Rankings Veterinary Search Engine Rankings

It’s not just normal hospitals and clinics that benefit from the WhiskerCloud bump in veterinary search engine rankings. Our friends at UrgentVet needed a custom website (and app) that would service the Belmont and Charlotte, NC areas after hours when emergencies happen. We built them a beautiful, modern, slick website that is full of SEO goodness. Now when caring pet parents in the area have an emergency after hours, our friends at UrgentVet are there!

Veterinary Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings aren’t just about “having a website”, it’s about having a website that is mobile responsive (Google loves that), proper meta tags, keywords, and descriptions on every single page, and the correct naming of each image on your site, and completely indexing everything with Google. WhiskerCloud provides better veterinary search engine rankings and helps you grow your business.

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