WhiskerCloud was created to modernize the veterinary industry with technology and data. It may surprise you, but we love it when veterinary hospital’s take it into their own hands to do social media, graphic design, web design, and email marketing. Of course, we love it just as much when you come to us for help. In most cases, even the best veterinary clinics that use social media see a bump when WhiskerCloud helps with content creation. Today, we’re going to show you what happens when WhiskerCloud takes over your hospital’s social media accounts. We’re able to show you this because we’re obsessed with data collection!

After launching a new website for a veterinary hospital on the east coast, they also had us take over their social media accounts. We wasted no time and got to work on building them a growing social media presence. We were so excited by the results that we’ve decided to share them with you today. The veterinary office has asked us to remove their name from the following images of their data as they want everyone to think it’s them running it. Yes, we’re that good!

The following image is their data from the month of August before WhiskerCloud launched their new website and took over their social media. As you can see, the numbers were pretty good!

whiskercloud social media

We launched their website on September 1st and took over their social media on September 2nd. Now, we’d love to show you their social media numbers from the month of September – quite a month-over-month jump!

whiskercloud social media

By having a new, custom website to drive traffic back to, we were able to produce custom content that would drive people to their website via social media, and to their social media pages from their new website. The result was a 10.6% increase in total fans to their Facebook page, 71.4% increase in the number of posts published, 224.6% increase in impressions on their Facebook page, and 303.3% increase in engagements on their Facebook page!

In addition to the rise in Facebook fans and engagements, we were able to drive 39% more traffic to their website from social media and provide them with a six-page deck of analytics to explain everything that happened.

WhiskerCloud loves social media, big data, and helping you build a brand with custom websites and a rebranded digital presence. We know you do a great job at social media but we’d still love to help you take it to the next level! We’re here if you need us.

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