The entire WhiskerCloud team is proud to announce that we’re gearing up to launch WhiskerCloud 2.0 to all users of the WhiserCloud platform. We felt we had enough changes ready to roll out that we could call this 2.0 and dramatically change our client’s websites. The look and feel of your websites will stay the same; it’s the new benefits we’ve added that make the big difference.

SSL Certificates

Every single site on the WhiskerCloud platform now comes built with an SSL certificate. If you don’t know what an SSL certificate is, it “creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery.” In addition to making your site much more secure, it also helps your SEO rankings because Google loves secure websites more than unsecured. While these aren’t considered necessary for a veterinary website in 2016, we think it’s important to take as many security precautions as possible on your website.

New and Improved Forms

We’re excited to announce that we’ve begun rolling out new form designs on our client’s websites. Boring right? Well, let us explain. In an ever-changing world, we didn’t just want clients to be able to download your forms and fill them out at home; we want them to fill them out right on your website, making their lives easier! Not only can we replicate your hardcopy forms on your website, but we can also create any custom forms you’d like, allowing you the ability to offer scheduling requests, boarding paperwork, and anything else you’d like right on your website. These forms also work from any device and keep a copy in a database on your website, so you never lose track of any of the information collected on your website. Your clients are going to love this!

New Buttons

A month after launching, our CEO asked if we could have multiple versions of our dynamic buttons. We loved our rectangle buttons that moved dynamically on hover and click on multiple devices, but we wanted to do some new fun things. We’re excited to announce new buttons that can be rounded, slightly rounded, and have many different arrows, colors, fonts, and be completely customized to make your website pop!

Overall Speed and Performance Updates

The WhiskerCloud tech team is constantly looking at ways to optimize speed and performance on your websites, and we’re happy to announce that our latest update does just that. With a higher compression of media files present on your website and faster load times from your personal content delivery network, we’re able to offer faster, cleaner, more mobile-friendly websites. We want your clients to love visiting your website and give them reasons to browse, make appointments, and really immerse themselves in their pet’s care with your help.

These changes will be rolling out to all users over the next few weeks, and there will be absolutely no interruption of service or downtime of websites. We’re excited to unveil even more exciting updates that we’ve been working on shortly; we have a few that are being tested as we speak!

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