There are tens of thousands of veterinary hospitals around the world – what makes you different? Everyone wants to offer compassionate, individualized care. Everyone promises to treat your pet like a member of the family. There are many AAHA-Accredited hospitals, and many Fear Free Certified hospitals. It’s time to tell your story. It’s time to show the world why life at your veterinary hospital is the best. We try to do the same at WhiskerCloud. We post photos of our meetings on the beach. We post photos of our pets in the office, and we share the exciting things we’re working on.

People want to see the same from you. They want to get to know your team (does your website have a custom team page?). They want to see the smiling faces of humans and their furry companions in your office. They want to see a relaxed pomeranian getting grooming in your beautiful grooming center. They want to see a sleeping tabby at the top of a cat tower in your relaxing boarding space. It’s time to start telling a story and connecting with your audience.

Did you know that our CEO started WhiskerCloud after working with hundreds of veterinarians around the world with his national dog rescue? His love of the people that helped his rescue dogs inspired him to start WhiskerCloud to help the people that had done so many wonderful things for him over the years.

Now it’s time to share your story, and it’s easier than you think.

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1. Keep it simple!

As lovely as it would be to have studio lighting and everyone’s hair on point, it’s better to show what life is really like at your clinic. Make sure the photos and videos are crisp, everyone is happy, and that it’s part of a story you are trying to tell. At the end of the day, good content and happy people will lead to social media engagement. No one expects you to have the perfect photos and videos.

2. Tell a story!

A photo of an adorable kitten is excellent – be sure to tell the kitten’s story! People want to know their name, age, why they’re there, and what you’re going to do to help them. Not only are you sharing the kitten’s story, but you’re tying it into your clinic’s story as well, and there’s real value in that.

3. Sell!

At the end of the day, your veterinary hospital is still a business, and it’s important to treat it as such. While sharing the story of an adorable puppy that is there to be neutered, be sure to explain the importance of the procedure and let everyone know how simple it is to book an appointment to have it done for their pet (be sure include a link). Have you found a nasty tick infestation on a patient? Snap a photo and share it with the world. If this animal could have this issue, so could other animals in the area. This is how you tell a story, educate, and sell preventive medicine to clients and their friends with one simple post and photo.

4. There is never enough content.

Even at WhiskerCloud, we struggle with this a lot. There are so many things we want to share, and we want to make sure we’re able to get each point across clearly without muddying the waters of our message. For a veterinary hospital, every animal and family that comes through the door is a potential story or educational content. This will help you tell their story, showcase your clinic, and educate other pet parents on why [reason pet is there] is essential to keep an eye on. Just like that, another story to tell. Whether it’s a first visit where you discuss the importance of vaccines, an obese pet that helps you convey a message about weight management, or an emergency situation that serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping chocolate far away from your pet.

5. Get help.

We’ve heard it a thousand times, working at a veterinary clinic can get a little crazy. In the middle of that craziness, it’s not easy to get a photo, a story to share, or even to create a post and publish it. Get some help. WhiskerCloud creates custom social media posts for veterinary hospitals around the world, and we’d love to help your clinic grow online through social media. Even if you don’t work with us, task a member of your staff to become familiar with social media and how to post. Having an extra set of hands and a little bit of dedicated time can help you keep a consistent message and content strategy going strong.

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