Eighty percent of the veterinarians we meet with have one thing in common, they don’t track anything! One CEO said to us, “Google Analytics is too expensive and too hard to install on a website.” Well, we have good news – Google Analytics is free to add to your website! Even more good news – it takes under a minute to install it.

Analytics are everything in the digital age, especially if you’re spending any money at all on marketing. How is your website doing? How are sales month-over-month? What cities do your customers/readers live in? There is a free tool that can tell you that!

What information can you gather? A lot.

  • Who’s visiting your site – where they live, how they got there, what type of device they were using, and even what language they speak.
  • What are they doing on your website – how many and what pages they look at, how long they spend on your site, what content is most popular on your site, and what content is least popular on your site.
  • When they visit your site – what day of the week and time of day are most popular for your site – this can affect when you’re publishing new content and launching new products.
  • How they got to your site – arrive from a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), arrive from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn), arrive from a referral website, or those that came directly to your website.

Knowledge is power and this type of data will help you grow your business with insights into the customers you’re attracting.

Without having to click a thing, Google provides these key metrics to you on your home dashboard:

Users – The number of total people that came to your website.

Sessions – The amount of visits those users made to your website.

Pageviews – The number of different pages viewed by your website users.

Pages/Session – How many pages your users view on average.

Avg. Session Duration – How long the average visitor spends on your site.

Bounce Rate – The amount of people that come to your site and leave without interacting with anything or clicking to a second page.

% New Sessions – What percentage of visitors during a certain time period were brand new to the site.

Google Analytics
Whether you’re sending out mailer cards or looking for a new part of town to focus your marketing efforts, Google Analytics can show you what zip codes people are visiting from. Potential pet owners in your city are giving you valuable information to grow your veterinary practice, you just have to know where to look.

Luckily, every single WhiskerCloud website comes stock with your new Google Analytics account. Even better? We put a dashboard right where you login, so you can see your traffic spikes all day. Track your progress over time, and watch what happens once you switch to the WhiskerCloud platform!

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