These social media trends for 2022 will open your eyes to the importance of social media for your veterinary business. This data comes from a Hubspot social media marketer study from November 2021, and the results speak for themselves. These marketers spend their days focusing on marketing and data, so we recommend listening to what they have to say.

Furthermore, the WhiskerCloud content team is full of social media marketing experts that help veterinary businesses worldwide create a cohesive brand online.

84% of marketers target millennials as part of their social media strategy.

Veterinary businesses in the United States (and beyond) should be focusing on targeting millennials in their marketing campaigns. According to a recent study, millennials comprise the largest share of pet ownership in the United States by generation at 32%. Target wisely, and you’ll end up with customers for life. The American Pet Product Association had interesting data on brand loyalty, too.

“For brand loyalty, 57% of Gen X, 54% of Millennials, 52% of Gen Z, and 48% of Baby Boomers consider themselves to be brand loyal, according to APPA. Gen Z and Millennials are more willing to purchase various products, including different types of pet food, treats and toys, while Baby Boomers and Gen X are more likely to maintain the pet care attitudes and behaviors they’ve had for years.”

77% of social media marketers say content marketing has been somewhat to very effective for their company this year.

As veterinary businesses strive to move into the digital age and function like other profitable industries, it’s important to notice what got those brands there. Nearly four out of five marketers agree that social media marketing helped them grow their business this year. Why should veterinary medicine be any different? If you are not currently doing social media, it’s essential to get moving and start building a brand! A bonus statistic for you: the number one objective that marketers state they want for their social media marketing approach is promoting their items or services, with brand recognition growing second.

80% of marketers say funny content is the most effective on social media.

Humor comes from being personable and genuine on your social media channels. You know your clients and patients, and they know you as well. This is your chance to create excellent content that features your team and patients and showcases the human side of your business. WhiskerCloud receives many images, video clips, and more to create custom content for our customers each month.

Veterinary Social Media Trends

Social media is more than just posting great content; it’s about building a brand through customer service.

Beautiful graphics and funny pet photos are a small part of social media management. WhiskerCloud monitors your pages and responds to you in real-time, so you can focus on taking care of pets. Why is this important?

  • Answering a complaint on social media can increase customer advocacy by 25%. (Convince & Convert)
  • 79% of consumers expect brands to respond within a day of reaching out over social media, but average brand response rates across all industries are lower than 25%. (Sprout Social)
  • 79% of people say that user-generated content on social media significantly impacts their purchasing decisions. (Stackla)

WhiskerCloud believes that all businesses need a strong social media plan to thrive in the digital age. If you’re interested in getting help from our professionals, email us at to get started.

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