The world’s most successful companies use chatbots to bring their business into the future, and veterinary medicine should be doing the same. We are happy to announce that WhiskerCloud customers on our Content Plan can enjoy a customized Facebook chatbot experience included with their monthly package, free of charge. Now, our customers will have 24/7 automation to help their clients get the information they need in real-time, in addition to our team’s exceptional content creation experience. Chatbots can help veterinary businesses create a seamless experience offline and online, but they are often expensive and tough to implement. The WhiskerCloud team has taken care of all of that for you. New to chatbots? We have you covered with some content below.

  • What are chatbots?
  • Are they easy to use?
  • Why does my veterinary business need chatbots?

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are programs built to respond to messages automatically. Our chatbots are programmed to help answer your frequently asked questions and direct your clients to your website! This can be extremely helpful in both cases of having to spend less time answering the same repetitive questions that can quickly be answered by visiting your website and bringing up your website traffic. Our automated chatbots are leveraged to send and receive messages through your Facebook Business messenger. While these automated chatbots can’t answer the more challenging questions, it still helps in providing quick answers to simple questions until your team can step in where needed.

Are they easy to use?

Your clients expect to be able to find what they need at the click of a button (or wag of a tail), and that’s what the chatbots do. Our chatbots are clear and concise and send your clients where they need to go to get the answers they need. Carefully curated buttons will direct the person messaging to your services, appointment booking link, hours & location information, refill request form, photo gallery, emergency page, and contact information – depending on what information and pages are already listed on your website. Want to know the easiest part? We build it for you!

Why does my veterinary practice need chatbots?

Chatbots are built to ask questions and automatically direct clients. Potential clients and new customers can get a lot of value from being asked what they’re looking for.

Facebook has released data that shows the importance of messenger and, more importantly, the value of bots.

  • 2 billion messages are sent between a business and their clients monthly
  • 61% of people expect a faster response time
  • 69% of people say being able to message a business helps them feel more confident about the brand

In the end, it’s all about customer experience. An easy, efficient transaction will mean more revenue down the road. Not to mention the value of 24-hour support and instantaneous responses to your most commonly asked questions.

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What benefits does my veterinary business receive from using a chatbot?

Using chatbots on your business’s Facebook page allows every inquiry to be directed to the right page on your website that contains the information they are asking for. In addition to questions about your services or team, this will lead people directly to book an appointment, ask a question, or complete a form on your website.

Our number one goal of these chatbots is to drive conversion to your business through online appointment bookings or drops to a contact page where your contact information, hours, location, and a contact form are located.

Like any good marketing campaign, the goal is to drive traffic to your website, which leads to increased conversions and new clients.

Who will update my social chatbot?

Each WhiskerCloud customer will have their chatbot customized for them, leading users to the proper page on their website based on a list of the most commonly asked queries we have put together. However, we can update your chatbot with any additional topics you’d like to add.

To begin, users will have the ability to learn:

  • Hours and Location
  • Services
  • Request or Make an Appointment
  • Share a Photo
  • Emergency Information
  • Human Help

What happens if I use a third-party app or appointment booking system?

Suppose you’re using an app like PetDesk, an online scheduler like Vetstoria, or both. In that case, we’ll ensure users are directed to the proper location to download your app or book an appointment online in minutes, right from your chatbot.

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Ready to get started? We’re prepared to implement your new bot!

  • Current customers on the WhiskerCloud Content Plan: this is already set up for you and is good to go!
  • Current customers not on the WhiskerCloud Content Plan: email our support team at to schedule a call to ask about an account upgrade.
  • Non-WhiskerCloud customers: what are you waiting for? Book a demo with our team and start growing your business today!

What makes the WhiskerCloud Content Plan so great?

WhiskerCloud offers total social media management for our clients, and our expert social team can help you create personalized content that is educational, engaging, and actionable, leading to more conversions to your website. We’ll handle everything from creating custom graphics and videos, writing blogs relevant to your business, responding to reviews for you, building and launching your custom chatbot, and handling the copywriting, creation, and scheduling of all social media posts. We act as your in-house marketing department! Learn more about how we provide custom social media for veterinary hospitals.

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