WhiskerCloud CEO Adam Greenbaum chats with Chronos COO Starr Virkler about her transition from veterinary practice manager to the chief operating officer of Chronos and how they’re helping veterinary clinics stay fully staffed.

What is Chronos?

The veterinary community struggles with overworked, understaffed, and burnt-out teams. Most practices don’t have the time, space, or local talent to hire and train more employees. Chronos works with a reliable network of veterinary professionals across the country. We have the ability to hire, train and place remote employees who are hand-picked to serve your practice’s individual needs. Chronos was started “before COVID,” after its founders created solutions in their Pennsylvania practice. Within the very first week, the results were amazing:

  • Much better customer service, both in-person and over the phone.
  • Far less stress at the front desk and in the “back.”
  • More new clients (no more missed calls).
  • Increased production.
  • Less turnover.

Once they had proof of concept, they decided to help colleagues reap the benefits of Chronos!

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