Schedule social media posts, and you’ll always be ahead of the game; today we’ll tell you why. Whether WhiskerCloud is helping you with it or not, we hope that all veterinary clinics out there are utilizing the power of social media. In addition to providing SEO value, an active social media presence can help you gain and keep clients for your veterinary hospital. In most cases, the staff is asked to handle social media for veterinary hospitals and that can sometimes become a burden. Even a relaxing morning can turn into a wild afternoon with a couple of emergencies. We know that happens all too often. Preparing to schedule social media posts ahead of time will help you stay active on digital communications and ensure that you never miss a post.

How do you accomplish this? Today the WhiskerCloud will tell you how we prepare our social media posts and make sure the veterinary clinics that we handle social media for continue to have such awesome results. Yes, we schedule social media posts for ourselves and our clients because it allows us to stay ahead of the game, never miss a post, and pivot if something more important comes up that we need to swap out a post about.

Being a fast-paced startup that is growing quickly, we invested in an amazing social media platform called SproutSocial. We love the functionality, the ability to reply to messages across all social media platforms, and the analytics that we’re able to offer our veterinary clinics. This platform is not free, and probably more than most veterinary clinics need. We love it for the analytics.

schedule social media posts

If you are new to the social media world and want a stable platform, we recommend investing in learning a platform like Hootsuite, which does offer a free option. We do recommend starting slow and learning to post and use Hootsuite to the fullest potential so that you can utilize it to grow your social media following. Of course, Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts which can help you stick to an active content plan.

Why is it important to schedule social media posts? It is not the life or death or your social media strategy, we promise. However, it does allow you to look forward, plan your message, and treat your digital marketing communications like most large businesses treat it.

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