91% of offline shoppers go into stores because of online promotions, and veterinarians can capitalize on this behavior with their business. Discounting your services is never ideal and can sometimes lead to the wrong types of clients coming to your business, but it can also lead to an influx of new business if done correctly.

Should veterinarians use special offers in their marketing?

We work with veterinarians worldwide, and roughly 10-15% offer special deals for new clients. These veterinary businesses have seen success from these types of special offers. Special deals can be whether you provide a discount for new clients or just have discounted services on certain days of the week. Special deals are great ways to bring new people into your practice, but veterinarians need to keep some things in mind when offering them.

Veterinarians considering specials should look at their bottom line and whether or not their business can afford to take a hit for a few weeks after the special starts. Specials may attract more than just good clients; they could also attract poor paying clients that will cost your business money. Specials only work if you’re willing to let go of profits during the short term so that you can get quality clients and grow your practice long term. Specials and discounts should ultimately be viewed as a marketing tool and can even be factored into your PNL (profit and loss) statement as such.

How is this valuable for your business? 80% of customers are motivated to make their first purchase with a new brand if they have a coupon or discount.

When weighing special offers for your veterinary business, think about the lifetime value of a new client.

We covered this in our ultimate veterinary marketing guide, and we believe that special offers can be a solid marketing and new client recruitment tool for your business. Hey, WhiskerCloud offers special deals, too!

Specials can help you close the deal when acquiring new customers. A study from RetailMeNot showed deals substantially influence customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and brand perception among consumers, especially among millennials.

  • 66% of consumers “made a purchase they weren’t originally planning to make solely based on finding a coupon or discount”
  • 80% of consumers said they feel encouraged to make a first-time purchase with a brand that is new to them if they found an offer or discount
  • 74% of Americans say offers are a top factor when deciding where and what to buy online
  • 81% of Americans say finding an excellent offer or discount is on their mind throughout the entire purchase journey
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What type of special offers should veterinarians offer to bring in new business?

If you’re looking to bring new clients into the business or upsell higher-priced procedures, remove the barriers:

  • 50% off a first exam. Let’s be honest, this is your chance to get them on a solid schedule of vaccines, parasite prevention, food, dental cleanings, and more. The revenue lost on half an exam may lead to much more in the future.
  • Free dental exam. Over 70% of cats and dogs over the age of three have some sort of dental issue. Knowing that, you can estimate that 70% of the patients coming in for their free dental exam will need a dental cleaning, and the free exam will help them book that procedure from you.
  • $10 off the first purchase of food from the clinic. Want your clients to purchase food and other goods from you instead of Petco or Chewy, show them the convenience with a $10 discount and they’ll be sure to come back to purchase from you every time. Plus, they’ll get to support your business in the process.

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