For veterinary medicine, adopting new technology is all about decreasing the pain points in your practice while also strengthening the brand image and improving the customer experience. Combining the services of Vetstoria and WhiskerCloud allows a veterinary clinic to do just that quickly and easily.

Vetstoria is a veterinary appointment scheduling software that provides a space for clients to book appointments and pay online whenever it is convenient for them. Online booking not only creates a more convenient system for customers but also decreases the amount of time clinic staff spends on the phone and cuts down on the back and forth caused by collecting forms and payments.

WhiskerCloud is an all-in-one veterinary growth platform that builds the best custom websites specifically made for the veterinary industry. In addition to websites that are customized to fit your clinic’s needs, we also provide full-service support for developing and enhancing your online presence and veterinary marketing strategy including search engine optimization, social media, and reputation management. Many veterinary practices utilize both WhiskerCloud and Vetstoria and have seen amazing results. This case study will take a look at one of those clinics.

Vetstoria and WhiskerCloud

Swann Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital located in Amarillo, Texas. They have 3 locations and a boarding service called Sidekicks Stay & Play. Not only were they looking for services that would boost their business, but also assist with improving the customer experience.

Swann Animal Clinic started using Vetstoria in July 2019. In the first month of service, 53 appointments were booked through Vetstoria’s platform. A year later, in May 2020, 239 appointments were booked. The ease of use of the Vetstoria platform ensures that veterinary hospitals are able to get more appointments booked and collect all the information they need from incoming patients.

Vetstoria’s platform provides clients the ability to book an appointment with their veterinarian whenever it is convenient for them, rather than limiting appointment booking to business hours. Swann Animal Clinic received 4000 online appointments booked outside of their operating clinic hours. That accounts for 50% of their online bookings through Vetstoria. Why is this so important? Over 70% of pet owners prefer to schedule appointments online. By offering your clients the convenience of 24/7 online scheduling, you keep them happy, making your job easier and more enjoyable.

Think about the time it takes to book and collect paperwork for 4000 veterinary appointments. With Vetstoria, this time is given back to the clinic and allows staff to focus on the most important aspect of veterinary medicine–caring for animals.

Swann Animal Clinic WhiskerCloud v2

Since signing with WhiskerCloud in July 2020, Swann Animal Clinic’s custom veterinary website has seen 25,784 total users. Over half of that traffic is organic, meaning visitors found the site by searching for related search terms rather than directly searching for the clinic itself. This type of traffic is valuable because it is coming from users who are looking for your services but are unaware of your clinic.

The WhiskerCloud web development team completes a 40-point checklist for each and every website to ensure that they live on the top of Google’s search results. Staying at the top of search rankings is especially important for acquiring new customers. 20% of all Swann Animal Clinic’s appointments booked through Vetstoria were new clients. This can be attributed to WhiskerCloud’s commitment to search engine optimization and all over management of Swann Animal Clinic’s digital presence.

The goal of both WhiskerCloud and Vetstoria is to increase the number of veterinary appointments booked. Everything included in a WhiskerCloud plan works toward attracting more visitors to a clinic’s website and getting them to book an appointment. WhiskerCloud does this by completely customizing each website to showcase what makes the clinic unique.

31% of visitors to Swann Animal Clinic’s site clicked to book an appointment through Vetstoria. All WhiskerCloud sites prominently display call to action buttons that prompt site visitors to book an appointment. When paired with Vetstoria, these buttons link to a dedicated scheduling page that can be customized to collect the information your clinic needs to book an appointment.

10% of Swann Animal Clinic’s bookings can be attributed to Facebook and Google My Business. These are two components of Swann Animal Clinic’s online presence that WhiskerCloud manages. The WhiskerCloud team optimized Swann Animal Clinic’s social media profiles and Google My Business accounts to ensure that the information on these platforms is accurate and effectively highlights the clinic’s unique services like advanced surgical services and urgent care.

Choosing to work with both WhiskerCloud and Vetstoria will ensure that your veterinary clinic’s digital presence is bringing you business while also easing the appointment booking process for staff and pet parents. Book a demo today to learn about how you can be the next Vetstoria + WhiskerCloud success story.

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