We love Instagram – and we think it’s a great way to give a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on inside your veterinary hospital. However, it has one flaw when compared to other social networks – it doesn’t allow you to add clickable links to posts. We’ve thought long and hard about it, and we decided to get a little creative. The amazing Danielle Lambert of Snout School decided to be our guinea pig, and the results were so simple and so awesome!

We created an Instagram links page for the Snout School website – allowing their team to share one link on their Instagram bio to promote all of the amazing things they have going on. This was a simple build but offered a quick and simple fix to a real problem on the photo-sharing social network.

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We think this is a fun, simple way to start offering promotions on your veterinary hospital’s Facebook page – and the page looks fantastic on mobile, which is how Instagram is primarily used.

Sometimes, the easiest marketing decisions we make are the most simple ones. Check out the page and let us know if it’s something you’d like added to your website. Our design team has some fun and exciting ideas to make each of these pages unique for each site!

Do you use Instagram for marketing purposes now? How has it been going for you? Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll share the best responses!

Snout School Links Page

Check Out The Page!

See Danielle’s Instagram links page in action!
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