We’re fully aware that veterinary professionals get sold to more than most. “You should be doing this to get new patients!” “We guarantee that spending this $1,000/month will lead to _______ new patients!” You’ve heard it all before, right? We know this sounds odd coming from a company that touts its custom websites, SEO, and social media abilities – but let us explain. Having a mobile-responsive website, good SEO, and an active social media presence are things that all veterinary hospital should have. What if we told you that a little networking growth hack could help you quickly grow your veterinary hospital. Today, we’re going to tell you how to start building out strategic partnerships that will bring instant growth to your practice.

Did you know that 3.2 million shelter pets are adopted each year? How incredible is that? Think of the number of rescue groups and shelters in your city, how many animals are adopted on a weekly basis? Probably a lot. That’s where you come in. You’re the best, nicest, most caring veterinarian in the world, right? We all love it when a shelter animal gets adopted. So, why don’t you partner with the shelter to provide a free exam to all pets that are adopted? Imagine if 100 new pet owners took you up on that free exam. Now imagine if even 25% of those pet owners became regular clients of yours. Seems like remarkable growth for the price of a free exam, doesn’t it? Not to mention, giving back to the community is a beautiful thing for any of us to do.

It’s not just rescue groups that you can partner with. Pet parents spent $62.75 billion on their pets in 2016. Where did they spend that money? Pet shops, bakeries, and groomers in your city! Most great relationships start because someone makes the first move – an introduction and an idea. That’s where you come in. It’s time to start reaching out to shelters, groomers, pet shops, and even pet walkers in your area. Tell them you want to offer an exclusive deal to their customers, which in turn, allows them to offer more to their customers. “Adopt a shelter pet, and their first exam is free!” or “All customers of Chuck and Don’s Pet Shop save 10% off their first visit!” The idea is here is leveraging other businesses’ client bases to build yours. Forget spending big money on advertising campaigns to drive sales; these are people that are only coming in to receive their specials deal – meaning they are guaranteed clients! Sponsor pet-friendly events in your city and have your team there to meet people and pets in the community.

You can even tell these new strategic partners that you’ll create a unique landing page for them on your website – we’ll be there to build it, manage it, and track everything for you! Imagine the possibilities that could come from a single conversation. Have questions? We’re always here to help!

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