We have made tens of thousands of website edits and social media posts for veterinary hospitals around the world this year, and we’re excited to end the year strong. As you continue to update your hours, team pages, and services offered on the website, we also want you to consider some other changes to spruce things up before the holiday season. The WhiskerCloud team is always here to talk through ideas and offer inspiration—we want you to have a completely custom website that tells your story.

  1. Add personal videos to your website. With smartphones becoming more and more sophisticated, you’re able to shoot quick videos that WhiskerCloud can edit and add to your website. Some good uses for this could be seasonal tips, emergency warnings, or an introduction to your team members. Be sure also to read our blog on shooting video testimonials with clients to add to your website! WhiskerCloud can help create a custom video intro for your hospital, too!
  2. Fine-tune your story on the website. We manage the digital presence for hospitals all over the world, and there is a common theme. “Compassionate care” and “personalized treatment” are lovely things to share with current and potential clients, but pet parents want to know what makes your clinic stand out. Does the primary veterinarian have a specialty that’s important to them? How does your hospital go above and beyond? Let the WhiskerCloud content team help you create that message on your website and social media channels.
  3. Have your best customers help bring you new customers. Did you know that 80% of WhiskerCloud clients found us through a current client? We work hard to build relationships with our clients and always appreciate when they spread the word about what it’s like to work with WhiskerCloud. Creating a referral program for your clients will incentivize them to make sure they tell everyone just how much they love their veterinarian. The next time someone says, “Who has a vet to recommend in the area?” on Facebook, make sure that your name comes up.
  4. Involve your team in everything your hospital is doing. Whether it’s training on new procedures, stepping up your marketing game, or working on getting more reviews for your hospital, make sure that every single person in your clinic understands what’s going on and how they can help. These types of initiatives foster team-building and help you work as a collective whole and not a sum of all parts. Two heads are better than one!
  5. Fix bad habits. Does your hospital have a toxic culture? Appoint people to be in charge of creating a happy culture in your hospital. Make sure that every single person in the building understands the importance of working as a team, and the rest will fall into place. When everyone is working together, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

These are just a few ideas for your team to ponder before the end of the year. If you have any ideas or new initiatives you want to build out online, let us know! Email our support team at digital@whiskercloud.com, and we’ll work to customize a perfect implementation for your big idea! Here’s to ending this year with a bang!