We’re a fairly new company that build custom websites for veterinarians and offers them a ton of other technology solutions. We’re often asked, why veterinarians? We could be offering this technology to a number of other industries and be much more successful. Well, we love the veterinary industry and we’re so happy to be a part of it. With any company launch, the first thing you must consider is how to reach your target audience. Our marketing team had a theory on how to make a single Facebook post go viral in the veterinary community – this is how we did it.

For the first few weeks of our existence, we tested a number of marketing targets on Facebook to reach you (veterinary professionals). They kept bombing. We tried people that had listed their profession as a veterinarian, vet tech, practice manager, etc. It didn’t work. Finally, we figured it out. We decided that human behavior is more accurate that tinformation given to us, so we targeted people that had an interest in seven different veterinary-based pages on Facebook. Voila, it worked. However, there was one more thing we had to consider – we needed content that would go viral. We felt our best opportunity was to share the love in the community because that’s what makes this industry so great. Our pets are family and you keep them healthy, it takes a team of special, caring people to do great work in this industry. A great photo, a great quote, and a call to action to tag someone that inspires you led to over 650,000 people reached, 13,000 engagements, and a whole lot of love in the veterinary community. You proved us right, to go viral in this community, it’s all about positivity and love.

Here’s the post from our Facebook page:

viral veterinary whiskercloud
In an effort to introduce ourselves to the veterinary community, we targeted this particular post to the following: Men and women, ages 22 – 65+ who live in the United States and have interests in the following pages on Facebook: DVM360.com, Clinician’s Brief, Dr. Andy Roark, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) or American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

That $100 we spent helped us reach 54,848 people which led to a total viral reach of over 650,000 people, proving that there is so much love in the veterinary community.

Overall, this was a great test, introduction, and marketing campaign. Thank you for all that you do, vets.

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