We know all too well that turnover is high in the veterinary industry. The number one support ticket subject that our team gets from veterinary hospitals around the world is, “please remove this person from our page.” It’s not just the veterinary industry. It happens, and we’re here to help you find and attract new employees and showcase them properly on your website.

Did you know that WhiskerCloud builds beautiful, custom career pages for our clients? We do! You can post unlimited positions and allow users to upload a resume, cover letter, and send a message to express interest in open positions on your website with ease.

This is important, but it begins with what your website says about you (non-WhiskerCloud users, we’re looking at you). Most businesses think about what their website is portraying about them to potential clients, but it’s also important to look at it from a potential hire’s point of view. They search the internet for a new career opportunity in veterinary medicine and happen to see your post. It sounds great, and then they see your website—broken, old, outdated—it instantly sends the wrong message.

Of 400 candidates polled, 69% said an employer’s brand strength is important or very important when deciding to accept or reject a job offer, according to the 2018 MRINetwork Reputation Management Study.

However, showing off your beautiful hospital and showcasing what your team is all about is essential to building the right team. Building the right team means less turnover in your hospital, a better culture, and a clear path to growth in the long run.

Turnover doesn’t just cost your business money; it also requires time and effort that you cannot get back. Harvard Business Review indicates that up to 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. Putting in the extra effort to your hiring decisions can lead to faster growth, more money, and happier employees in your organization.

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Now you know it’s important, but we want to talk about how we can help you. How much are you spending on job postings at your veterinary hospital? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be the top spot on Google for “veterinary careers” or “veterinary jobs” in your city? We can make it happen.

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You can get started today.

If you are currently spending a lot of money on job postings, let us build you a career page for free. This allows you to showcase your business, drive more traffic to your website, and accept resumes and applications directly through your website. Even better, you are not paying on a “per posting” basis. WhiskerCloud clients get unlimited changes on their website forever, and this gives you the ability to have dozens of job postings on your website and the ability to update them as much as possible as hires happen in your hospital.

What are you waiting for? Rank high on Google for job postings, get more applicants, and showcase your company culture immediately.

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WhiskerCloud websites are fully loaded with everything you need to grow.

We offer cloud hosting, SEO, real-time website tracking, reputation management, social media management, and advertising — and all of it comes with unlimited support from our team.