So your veterinary hospital decided to upgrade technology and get yourself a mobile app. It’s cheaper than a new website and can “bring you into today’s world”, as most app companies will tell you. However, and this is a big however, you are forgetting one big question that needs to be asked. Is your mobile app hurting your SEO? You betcha!

Earlier this year, Google’s new algorithm was released and reaffirmed what we already know, having a mobile responsive website is important to getting a first page ranking on their search engine. If you have a mobile app instead of a mobile responsive website, you are hurting your search engine rankings, not helping them.

Last week, we received our fifth call from a veterinarian that had this setup and could not understand why they were not on the front page. Like we said, Google doesn’t care about your app, they want people to be able to search for a veterinarian and want to serve the best results for whatever device they’re on. If you read our case study, you’d know that less than 20% of veterinary websites are mobile responsive and that 91% of people use a mobile device to search for a service (like veterinary services) on their smartphone. We’re going the wrong way, friends.

WhiskerCloud does it a little differently. We decided to build websites that were so beautifully mobile responsive that they can be turned into an app on any smartphone or mobile device with three clicks. The results, you still the same app except you aren’t paying anything additional for it. You’re getting SEO points for having a fast, secure, mobile responsive desktop site, and a perfect Google score for mobile responsiveness. That is why 99% of our sites end up in the 1st or 2nd spot on Google – we play by their rules.

We aren’t here to bash companies that make beautiful custom apps for veterinarians. There is a place for apps in this space. If you are using this app instead of building a mobile responsive website, your rankings will absolutely suffer. When your search engine rankings suffer, you suffer. The million dollar question – is your mobile app hurting your SEO? Yes it is.

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