WhiskerCloud CEO Adam Greenbaum chats with Dr. Dani Rabwin, founder of Ready, Vet, Go, to discuss the importance of mentorship and making connections in veterinary medicine.

Ready, Vet, Go provides veterinary practices and new vets with a successful path to a collaborative and long-term relationship, ensuring the future and well-being of our profession.

Dr. Dani and the Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program for New Veterinary Graduates will give you the extra support you need and deserve. This program equips you with skills you didn’t learn in veterinary school, so you can become a confident, valued veterinary team member and build a lasting and successful career. Veterinary practices supporting their new veterinarians through the Ready, Vet, Go program enjoy increased productivity, staff retention, and a positive practice culture that benefits the entire team.

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