“Let me speak to your manager!”

No one wants to hear those words, it means someone is unhappy with the service they are receiving from your business. It happens, probably more often than you’d like. However, this is a defining moment for your business when it comes to online reviews. A new study from Yelp shows that 80% of reviews that mentioned speaking to a manager resulted in a 1-star review. Conversely, almost 80% of five-star reviews happened when a manager was not requested. What does this mean? Well, it means it’s important to make sure a bad situation doesn’t get to the “let me speak to your manager” phase!

Yelp Negative Review

It’s important to train every member of your staff to be ready for anything that can happen during a day in your hospital. Make sure all members of the staff understand when dealing with clients, it’s important to stay professional and to always offer over-the-top customer service to make sure the “brand” of your hospital always comes first. Most importantly, it’s important to train your staff on what to do when a customer gets upset. According to Forbes, there are seven things to do when a customer starts to get upset:

1. Remain calm.
2. Don’t take it personally.
3. Use your best listening skills.
4. Actively sympathize.
5. Apologize gracefully.
6. Find a solution.
7. Take a few minutes on your own.

Easier said than done?

It’s true, you cannot please everyone. The most important take away from the list above is to find a solution. If someone is upset over a $15 charge for a nail trim, there isn’t much you can do about it, and this is why it’s important to be upfront about the cost of things like this before the service is completed. Yelp gives great insight into the type of questions it’s important to ask after a bad situation in the hospital. Ask yourself: What did the customer expect? Why did they expect that? Where was the misunderstanding? Why did that occur? And what changes can I make to prevent this situation in the future?

Every single employee of your business is in charge of providing an exceptional experience for your clients. If a client is unhappy, it’s important to listen and do what it takes (within reason) to protect the brand, keep the client happy, and keep an unhappy client away from sites like Google and Yelp. Welcome to the future, where everyone has the ability to let everyone know what a bad experience they had with your business. While it’s important to make sure your managers are prepared for these situations, it’s also important to make sure your entire staff is prepared to not let it get to the “let me speak to your manager” phase.

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