You can have the most exceptional website in the world with every single item on the SEO checklist done correctly, but your online reviews still play a big part in your overall SEO strategy. Put simply, a great website and strong marketing cannot overcome a lack of Google reviews or bad reviews altogether. We know that reviews are directly tied to search engine position on Google and that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family.

Let’s make 2020 the year you get at least 5-10 five-star reviews every single month. In fact, we are challenging you to do this. We even have some tips to help you get more reviews starting today.

1. No seriously, just ask for good reviews.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll repeat it: the best way to get a Google review is to ask for one. Let’s say you have ten appointments in a day. Ask all ten happy pet parents for a Google review as they are checking out. Getting even a single positive Google review every single day will dramatically increase your search engine rankings over time. Even better, 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

2. Add a custom testimonials page to your website!

The team at WhiskerCloud has built hundreds of custom testimonials pages on our clients’ websites that link directly to Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews. This allows you an online portal to drive new and potential clients to read current reviews and leave new ones online.

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Screen Shot 2019 12 22 at 9.31.14 PM

Have the testimonials scroll, light up when you hover over them, or anything you want – WhiskerCloud can build it! Current clients, please reach out to our web team at if you’d like to add or make edits to a current testimonials page!

3. Keep asking and asking until you get your review!

So, one of your favorite clients came in, had a fantastic visit, agreed to leave you a comprehensive online review, and then…didn’t. What now? Maybe they got busy or just forgot. The good news is they love you and will be back, so ask again! Even if one out of every ten you ask a second time for a review leaves one, you’ll be adding to your ever-growing collection of stellar reviews!

Just remember – 90% of potential customers read reviews before visiting a business.

Make 2020 the year you continue to build stronger relationships with clients and foster an environment where they want to leave you kind words online for everyone to see.

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