We absolutely want you to come work with WhiskerCloud for all of your online needs – website, search engine optimization, analytics, content creation, social media, reputation management. The one thing we remind all of our clients of is that your online presence is dramatically affected by what you do offline. Crazy how that works, right?

The fact of the matter is that people love great products and services, and they’re much more likely to recommend those services and products to friends if they’re very happy about it. So, you come to WhiskerCloud and get a beautiful, fantastic website. We keep them engaged online with fun and original social media content. Now, it’s your turn. We asked people what things their veterinary offices do that they love. Are you doing these things?

1. Provide amazing customer service.

Your job is so important, no matter what you do at your veterinary office. The fact is, bringing your pet to the vet can be stressful for pet parents, and it’s your job to reassure them that everything is going to be okay. Doing your best to make both pets, and humans, have a relaxing visit will surely earn you long-time business and more word of mouth recommendations. On your worst day, and when your patients are at their worst, how you act matters. The good ones will remember how you treated them when they were rude to you.

2. Ask for reviews!

You have a shiny new website, thriving social media pages, and amazing staff. Now, the world needs to know about. Most review websites show up high in search engine rankings, and all of them link back to your shiny website, giving your website high search engine rankings. Good reviews mean good rankings, period. We recommend having a sign near checkout that asks for a review from happy pet parents. Even better? Ask them to leave a review and let them know how much it means to you and the office. Imagine if even 10% of the patients you see in a week left a good review!

3. Love what you do? Talk about it (to everyone)!

You work at the best veterinary office in the world, and it’s time to start telling people about it. Whether you’re out walking your dogs or at another social event – be sure to brag about your place of work and tell everyone why they need to bring their pets there. Even offer to make an appointment for them. What takes you under a minute could mean a new long-term patient for your office.

A little effort goes a long way. Treat your current patients pleasant and be brand ambassadors for your hospital and you’ll see new patients heading your way in no time!

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