Veterinary professionals aren’t always treated well, that’s no secret. As we enter a new year, it’s important to set a positive tone for yourself and your veterinary clinic. A positive demeanor and a few simple phrases can create a happier, more positive environment in your veterinary hospital, and foster valuable relationships with your clients. Please take the time to read this blog; we think you’ll love it!

Having excellent customer service in your clinic and all digital communications (website, phone, email) is the cornerstone of a successful business.  Not only does excellent customer service allow you to communicate with your clients efficiently, but it also helps to resolve any issues or problems that your customers may have had during their visit in hopes of changing their experience from a negative to a positive one.  What is the best way to communicate excellent customer service? It’s all about creating a positive perception, and saying “please” and “thank you” is one of the simplest ways you can show your appreciation for your clients. An American Express survey showed that 68% of customers surveyed believe that a pleasant interaction with a customer service representative is necessary for a positive experience.

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Going back to childhood, we’re taught that “please” and “thank you” is an important part of daily communication.  For most, these two simple phrases can change the perception of every interaction with a client. Here’s an example – a client has just paid for their visit at the front desk. Which would you prefer to hear? “Great! The payment was successful, and you’re all set. Thank you so much for bringing in Roxie today, we look forward to seeing you soon! If you need anything, please give us a call!” OR “Here’s your receipt, have a great day.” It’s these simple interactions that will build a perception of your clinic going from “nice” to “very nice,” and that’s important.

The power of “please” and “thank you” can even be translated into how you communicate with your clients online and through social media.  When a customer has graciously taken time out of their day to give you a good review on Facebook, the least you can do is say “thank you.” If you’ve chosen WhiskerCloud to handle your social media, we send each reviewer a personalized thank you, so they know just how much we appreciate their feedback! Three out of four customers say they have spent more time and money with a company because of a history of positive experiences, and you want to be the business they stick with.

Make this year the year you take a little extra time to ask how a client’s day is going. Do something special during a visit like bringing their pet a treat and telling them how adorable they are. Say please and thank you during all interactions, and no matter what, stay courteous and professional in all communications. We want clients to be loyal to you and your staff, and that only happens when they feel comfortable enough to never want to visit another clinic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you feel there is anything we should add, please let us know!

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