Today we say goodbye to an old friend. A friend we didn’t know well. A friend we never completely understood. But a friend, nonetheless.

As you may have recently read, Google announced last fall that they would be shutting Google+ down for consumers. This social media platform has been around for a long time but remained relatively unsuccessful. The primary use of Google+ has been for businesses, but with an increasing number of third-party apps and companies using their APIs, it became too difficult for Google to properly protect users’ data.

Data security is paramount for Google, so in order to best protect your data, they made the decision to shut down Google+. The end date for this platform was scheduled for August 2019. However, Google found a bug in the APIs last month. No data was misused or accessed during the bug, but it has brought to light additional issues with Google+ which you can read about here. In light of this, Google has expedited the end of this platform and will be removing all APIs and sunsetting Google+ by April 2019.

What does this mean for you?

Don’t worry – WhiskerCloud has your back! If you’re a client, WhiskerCloud has begun removing all Google+ links from your website to ensure no broken links or unsecure content lives on your website.

If you use Google+ regularly, you’ll want to think about saving all of your content before your account goes away. Once Google+ no longer exists, you will not be able to access any photos or content you had previously shared on this platform so be sure to migrate this elsewhere.

Reach out to WhiskerCloud with any questions you have.

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