Hooray, you have a new website for your veterinary hospital, some fresh graphics on your social media pages, and a web team that has your back no matter what you need. What else do you need? Well, we have a list of quick and easy things you should be doing to take your digital communications to the next level! Of course, just because you have a new website doesn’t mean there isn’t more you can be doing. In fact, even with the best web team out there (Go team WhiskerCloud!), there are still things you and your staff should be doing on a daily basis to realize business growth through digital communications.

Have an idea? Let’s execute it.

If you have a professional team that manages, builds, and customizes your website, be sure to send them any and all ideas you have. A special for next month, a new blog post, or landing pages for advertising – any ideas you want to accomplish, they can only be created and built if you share your ideas! No idea is too big or too small, brainstorm and lock in on a great new campaign! In fact, a little brainstorming led to one of our clinics going insanely viral!

Total team commitment.

This is a big one. All employees, partners, and people connected to the members of your staff, and beyond, should help spread the message. This includes giving feedback and ideas for the website and social media pages. Once that’s done, make your staff and their connections brand advocates. Be sure that your team shares your site and articles, likes your social media pages and shares content there as well. In fact, encourage clients, staff, and family and friends to help you build your digital following. Even for a clinic with under ten employees, ten people in a community have quite a bit of power when sharing the clinic’s message with their online friends and followers.

Personalization is so important!

If you’re anything like us, you know how important a pet can be to a person or family. Make sure your website and social media pages give current and potential clients a peek behind the curtain to what you offer. Sure, you and 15 other clinics in a 20-mile radius offer vaccinations and wellness care – what makes you different? Show people what makes you different. This tip goes back to total team commitment. When your staff shares your message and shows the world how much they love the team they’re a part of, people will notice. Work with your web team to create personalized messaging and images that will show the world the type of compassionate and personalized service you provide.

Special offers help.

Welcome to 2017, where we receive 20+ emails a day offering a special of some sort, whether it’s retail or not. We don’t want your practice to lose money or get into the habit of giving discounts on everything, but a “first exam free” or “free nail trim” type of deal will be sure to get people in the door. Once they’re in the door, “total team commitment” comes into play again. If your hospital has a message, make sure every member of your staff lives and breathes it. Between the free first exam and the exceptional care your new client and patient receive, they’ll be back and spend a lifetime with you, all for the cost of a free wellness exam.

Reviews are big business.

Love them or hate them, reviews can forever change a business. A five-star rating will undoubtedly mean more business, and a few bad reviews can undoubtedly derail a fantastic company. We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it, the key to getting more reviews is to just ask for them. If a pet parent has had a successful visit to your clinic, have your reception team ask them to leave a positive review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp. It takes just a few minutes and can mean the world to your business. Most of these websites ask you not to ask for positive reviews, but mentioning to happy clients that a review would mean the world to the staff will almost certainly lead to an increase in reviews for your business.

Stay ahead of the game.

Luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity.” Our most successful clinics are the ones planning for next month, this month. Have November’s specials ready in October, so that your web team, social media team, and staff can be prepared to go on November 1! This will allow you to have better graphics, landing pages, tracking methods, and your staff up-to-date the moment the special starts. Remember, if you have big ideas, send them to your web team, no matter how far in advance!

Advertising is still important.

The team at WhiskerCloud has helped quite a few hospitals lowers their cost-per-click on Google Ads, set-up conversions and landing pages for Facebook ads, and helped create special offers through Yelp Ads. All of these campaigns have been created for budgets all over the map, big and small. Having your website and social media is a great start, especially when the SEO is done well, but advertising still drives new traffic to your website, and that’s important. Even $100/month can make a significant change in the amount of traffic driven to your website. We’re happy to help, at no extra charge.

Partner up and see significant results!

The digital world is just one simple slice of the pie that helps you grow your business. Simply building a new website and having a social media presence, no matter how successful, is just one part of the type of marketing your clinic needs. Why waste money on mailer campaigns and billboards when not every person that sees that information has a pet? This is your chance to get into the community and partner with pet stores, dog walkers, groomers, and shelters in your area. “Free wellness exams after you adopt a pet from ________.” If said shelter adopts out 100 pets per month and 25 of them come to you for a free exam, you’ll see your client roster grow pretty quickly.

Let’s recap.

So, your new website just launched (hopefully, with WhiskerCloud). What now? Email friends and family, ask them to check out your new website, like your social media pages and share with their online networks. You do the same. Now, ask your staff to do the same, and to be an amplifying voice for your brand. This will translate to your clients, too. “Be sure to check out our new website, Facebook page, and leave a review if you have some time! We’d love your feedback.” Get out in the community and be sure to tell people about your practice and the types of services you offer. This works well when you’re at the shelter, letting them know how much you want to help their cause. Brainstorm with your team for exciting ideas that will create new business. In fact, we’re here to brainstorm with you! A landing page, a big bold message on the homepage, some light Facebook ads, and strong SEO will have a number of avenues driving business to your new website. “Total team commitment,” and we’re in it with you every step of the way.

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